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It appears that Microsoft will include multiple desktop support in its next operating system.

A video is the latest leak of the operating system, which is currently dubbed Windows 9.

The feature is similar to Spaces on Mac, allowing extra virtual desktops running at the same time.

Another video from German website Winfuture.de also shows that the live tiles in the returning Start Menu can be disabled. The Charms bar of Windows 8 is believed to have been dropped.

Windows 9 is expected to include improved support for keyboard and mouse users and the integration of Cortana, Microsoft’s voice-activated personal assistant.

In the works under the codename of ‘Threshold’, Windows 9 is expected to be announced and distributed to developers on September 30.

Attackers were quick to capitalized on the  Shellshock Bash command interpreter bug disclosed yesterday.  Constructing a botnet that is rapidly try to infect other servers, according to a security researcher. (more…)

Family Sharing
In what appears to be another got ya, in what can only be described as a rough release for Apple with it’s iOS 8 release.  That has certainly  seen several issues. The companies new Family Sharing has a BUG in it that Agents are being told was a security feature intended to keep folk from moving between Shares.  This BUG locks a person out of joining any family shares after they have set one up.