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Woke up this morning and had a discussion with a couple friends regarding PC performance and sluggishness.  So figured it was time to review technojunkyard’s  library list of tools we use to perform a clean up of a poorly performing system and do a write up on any new ones that may have come on the scene as well. (more…)

SuperFish Removal


Lenovo, the world’s largest PC manufacturer, has been installing a dangerous piece of adware on its consumer laptops. The software, called Superfish, leaves computers vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks in which hackers steal data as its sent from a user’s computer to a supposedly secure server. (more…)

Microsoft releases security update for Internet Explorer, including for Windows XP customers

UPDATE: To story we covered earlier.
Microsoft is releasing a security update for Internet Explorer that closes a gap that allowed attackers to take complete control of a computer. It also issued the update to Windows XP users, despite dropping support for the older operating system last month.  (more…)

Stop using IE until bug is fixed, says US-Cert

In a rare move, US Computer Emergency Readiness Team says to stop using Internet Explorer until Microsoft can plug a critical security hole.  (more…)

Upcoming Forced Windows Upgrade will Kill off IE6 starting in Jan 2012

For a long time now Microsoft has made it very clear that they would like IE6 to go away.  Other companies have also stopped supporting the browser.   The latest plan is to start forced windows upgrades in January 2012 that will force users to upgrade to the latest browser their OS will support.