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Microsoft Updates Core Windows 8 Productivity Apps: Mail, Calendar and People

Microsoft is finally releasing an update for its built-in Mail, Calendar and People apps. The Mail app will support organizational functions like flagging emails and creating folders. The Calendar app will get a new look and meeting scheduling support. And the People app will sport a new command bar to make it quicker for you to navigate through your contacts.  (more…)

Microsoft Surfaces with their own Tablet.

LOS ANGELES — Forget about operating systems. Forget about mice, keyboards and snoozy computer accessories. Microsoft is now a full-fledged, no-excuses mobile computing manufacturer. On Monday a team of excited executives showed off Microsoft Surface — a pair of Windows tablets accompanied by clever keyboard covers that aspire to true innovation in the mobile space.  (more…)

Analyst: Windows 8 Tablets Dead on Arrival?

Analyst: Windows 8 Tablets Dead on Arrival? | News & Opinion | PCMag.com.

Well the analyst’s are starting come out with many comments that the Windows 8 tablets may not be LONG for the market if they even make it to market.  At this point already behind the game of Apples IPad and now Amazon’s Kindle.  Can Microsoft play catch up?