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NOAA’s weather forecasts go hyper-local with next-generation weather model

Today, meteorologists at NOAA’s National Weather Service are using a new model that will help improve forecasts and warnings for severe weather events. Thanks to the High-Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) model, forecasters will be able to pinpoint neighborhoods under threat of tornadoes and hail, heavy precipitation that could lead to flash flooding, or heavy snowfall and warn residents hours before a storm hits. It will also help forecasters provide more information to air traffic managers and pilots about hazards such as air turbulence and thunderstorms.   (more…)

New WeatherUpdate


Ok, so found a couple items I’ve added to the WeatherRoom, under the tab of Chasers.
First is TornadoChat, this is a good one you can find alot of folks following.

Next is a chaser map from SevereStudios.com.  The PopUp Video streams is not working correctly but the warning and Animated Radar Loop is.  I’ll look further into the Streams as I get a chance.

If there is MORE content I need to add here.  Please let me know I’d love to add it.

Program Updates!!!


 Major Update and overhaul underway for my program called WeatherBackground.  Programming for Version 2.0 started this week, it’s a complete rewrite as well as a new compiler.  The previous method of change and updates used insecure and out of date methods.  Coding began this week on a early ALPHA version.  I hope to have this out to testers shortly.  It is my intention to provide this program as shareware, so will be working on a donation method via the Website as well.  The early release version of this will be very simple and I’ll add in the complexity as I continue work on it.  Stay Tuned!!

Recent update to the website included a modification to the User Information Plugin/Widget located on the Website’s sidebar.  I hope to release it before long.  I added a bit more information that the program gathers and changed the method it was obtaining it.  Upgrading it’s accuracy, it is better than the previous release.   It at this time it can detect certain OS’s as well as certain mobile devices.  At some point I may expand it even further.  For now it is still in development as I’m looking at resolving some CSS related issues.

Video: Could sharks help researchers predict hurricanes?

During a casual game of golf in 2010, marine biologist Jerry Ault mentioned his latest research project to friend and colleague, Nick Shay. The two are professors at the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science, but their work rarely, if ever, overlaps. Ault tracks the behavior and migratory patterns of marine animals, while Shay studies the waters those animals inhabit.  (more…)


Despite our best efforts, accurately predicting the weather remains about as easy as accurately predicting the next winning Powerball numbers. But with the installation of a new type of humidity sensor, the fleets of commercial passenger jets that inhabit our skies could soon provide meteorologists an unprecedented look at the sky—in real-time.

Wild Weather Rounds 2 and 3

Well the weather this year in Oklahoma just doesn’t seem to want to let up.  Getting in the chair to start monitoring more SEVERE Weather inbound 2 rounds today.  I’ll be monitoring here via the weather links as well as monitoring LIVE via HAM FREQS and KOCO’s livewire.  Today is the greatest risk for tornado’s and severe weather we have had since the EF5 that hit moore just a few days back.  So time to be weather AWARE!!

Wild Weather Day 3 of 3

Ok so I’ve not gotten a chance to post anything for the last several days as we have been dodging tornado’s and stuff.  I’ve added a few more things to the weather section.  Some chaser videos and double checked some of the IP Specific weather.  Be safe and if you see something that should be added, please fill out the contact form.