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Google+ Add’s FREE phone Calls


Great news for those that LOVE Google+ as if Hangouts wasn’t already good enough.  Today Google announced that users can now call their contacts thru the Hangout window.  The announcement came in the Google+ Official Blog.

Google+ also has added some Extra’s Connecting with Multiple people at the same time.  Makes that family conversation possible over the holidays.  You can now Share you Screen with others in your hangout.  Now you can Collaborate in Real Time, this will be a big boost for google+ moving into the work place.  As google+ is growing and google keeps adding features the GEEK in me is getting more and more excited.  The stability of it is ROCK solid just as Gmail and googles other releases so far.  Wonder what they will do NEXT??

Source: Gizmodo, Google+

Microsoft Buy Skype

Breaking news this morning in the tech sector.  Microsoft has agreed to purchase VOIP provider Skype for 8.5 billion, including some debit.  A formal announcement if forth coming in the next few hours.  The Wall Street journal reported in a online story Monday night that the deal was possibly going to occur.

Last week it looked like Skype and Facebook would possibly be partnering.

Under the deal, it places Skype CEO Tony Bates at the helm, in a new business unit within Microsoft.  He will be reporting directly to Microsoft Boss Steve Balmer.

Skype is a Luxembourg based Voice over Internet Provider that was started in 2003 by Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, both of Kazza fame.

More updates on this story will come later in the morning so check back frequently on this one.

Update: 05/10/2011
Full details on the Aquisition of Skype in a Press Release from Microsoft added.  Blamer indicated that Skype technology will be integrated in Xbox, Outlook as well as phones.

Source: CNN Money, SeattleTimes, Microsoft