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Disconnect Search, Built By Ex-Google And Ex-NSA Engineers, Lets You Use Google, Bing And Yahoo Without Tracking

Started as a side project by then-Googler Brian Kennish back in 2010 to cut out ad tracking during a person’s Facebook browsing session, Disconnect has gone on to raise funding (twice), expand to work on multiple browsers and sites, and … Continue reading

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Video: Twitter, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Yahoo open to hijacking

Twitter, Linkedin, Yahoo! and Hotmail accounts are open to hijacking thanks to a flaw that allows cookies to be stolen and reused, according to a researcher.  

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Twitter enables HTTPS by Default

Good news for those security conscious folks out there.  Twitter made the announcement that the HTTPS protocol would be set as DEFAULT for all account.  This is probably one of the best steps the company could make.  As, it is … Continue reading

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Anonymous uses New Tactic to get Twitter users to assist with bringing down DOJ and FBI

Reports indicate that Anonymous used a new method in bringing down DOJ and FBI sites.  According to Gawker, they used twitter links to dupe folks into assisting with LOIC attacks on both locations.

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Twitter get’s a FACELIFT aimed at targeting Facebook and Google+

Source: TGDaily, Wired, TechCrunch Twitters facelift has made is cleaner, sharper, faster, easier to navigate as well as more attractive to advertisers.

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Twitter Must Provide Data on 3 Users, Judge Rules

Twitter Must Provide Data on 3 Users, Judge Rules – NYTimes.com. OtherSources: Wired.com Internet anonymity and privacy, well times they are a changing.   For the longest time some on the internet have lived thinking that you could say anything or … Continue reading

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