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New WeatherUpdate


Ok, so found a couple items I’ve added to the WeatherRoom, under the tab of Chasers.
First is TornadoChat, this is a good one you can find alot of folks following.

Next is a chaser map from SevereStudios.com.  The PopUp Video streams is not working correctly but the warning and Animated Radar Loop is.  I’ll look further into the Streams as I get a chance.

If there is MORE content I need to add here.  Please let me know I’d love to add it.

Wild Weather Rounds 2 and 3

Well the weather this year in Oklahoma just doesn’t seem to want to let up.  Getting in the chair to start monitoring more SEVERE Weather inbound 2 rounds today.  I’ll be monitoring here via the weather links as well as monitoring LIVE via HAM FREQS and KOCO’s livewire.  Today is the greatest risk for tornado’s and severe weather we have had since the EF5 that hit moore just a few days back.  So time to be weather AWARE!!

Grab your FREE copy of Weather Background 1.0

Hey before the next round of BAD weather rolls in.  Download your FREE COPY of weather background.  We have provided this for FREE for Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 and Win 8.  Download it here.  You can read more about it in the Library Link as well.  For support to get further assistance drop contact demoman at technojunkyard.net.

New Weather Additions to Weather Room


Just added some new items to the weatherroom.  A current watch MAP and several more radar loops.  I’ll be adding several new items to this area as we are moving into a very dangerous time of year and it’s best to be Weather Aware!!!!

Update 04-15-2012  Added Weather Radio links to the room so that folks can quickly find the links to share with others.  I’ll be adding more info as we go on here.  Also considering doing a bit of organization of the Weather Room making links and finding  things quick.

Update 04-16-2012 Added Radio Reference Links for Police, Fire and EMS Scanners and TornadoVideoNetworks Chaser Map as well.  Links that were suggested by other users.

NASA Satellite Show’s Tornadoes from Space

Tornado Tracks in Tuscaloosa – NASA

NASA seems to have gotten BETTER at capturing images of natural disasters from Space.  The latest images come from this last weeks Massive Tornado outbreaks in the south.  The Images show the Tornado Tracks in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in very good detail.  The images were acquired by using Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) from the Aqua Satellite on April 28.  In the photo you can see three very distinct tonado tracks.  The pale brown trails where green trees and plants were uprooted.  Several links to photo’s from Alabama and Georgia can be found in the  NASA Earth Observatory,  as well as more satellite data from the storms.

The tornadoes were part of a larger weather pattern that produced more than 150 tornadoes across six states, according to the National Weather Service. The death toll reached 300 on April 29, making the outbreak the deadliest in the United States since 1974.

Source: NASA Earth Observatory, International Business Times

Number of Tornado’s this year increases, leaves Scientific Community Scratching heads.

Massive Tornado as it moves thru Tuscaloosa, Alabama

With the latest Destructive tornado’s out of the “Dixie Alley” last night, and the number of deaths on the Rise still from it.  Many are asking why are there MORE this year?  Is it the end of the world?  Global Warming?

The experts that are drawing conclusions about the true size of, or reason for, and increase in tornado activity say it’s difficult to say if we are having more now than before.  Due to to historical statistics that are unreliable due to changes in the way storms are tracked and measured.

Scientists do believe that climate change will contribute to increasing severe weather phenomena, including hurricanes and thunderstorms, but there is little consensus about how it may effect tornadoes however.  This is partly because of the lack of historical data and partly because of a tornado’s unpredictable nature.


With the start of a heavier that normal season so far in what is called the “Dixie Alley” those of us in “Tornado Alley” are certainly awaiting what normally is our tornado season in May – June.  We have seen several tornado’s already this season but the sheer number of tornado’s this year is NOT going unnoticed by researchers and folks living in other region’s frequented by those storms.

Source: The New York Times, National Severe Storms Laboratory