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News: Technojunkyard Get’s a Facelift

Well after using the same theme here for MANY years now.  It was decided we needed a facelift on the main site.

Many changes will be coming over the next bit first of all is the newer theme style and missing will be our nice big sliding doors.  I’ve loved having the sliding doors theme for years now but it’s starting to show it’s age as well as becoming incompatible with many of the addon’s we have on the site.

So we changed!!  I’ll be working on the color and lay out over the next few days.  Come back often and check us for our next new look and feel.

New WeatherUpdate


Ok, so found a couple items I’ve added to the WeatherRoom, under the tab of Chasers.
First is TornadoChat, this is a good one you can find alot of folks following.

Next is a chaser map from SevereStudios.com.  The PopUp Video streams is not working correctly but the warning and Animated Radar Loop is.  I’ll look further into the Streams as I get a chance.

If there is MORE content I need to add here.  Please let me know I’d love to add it.

Network Core Upgrade

The following advisory is being sent to inform you of upcoming network maintenance.

DESCRIPTION:   Network Core Upgrade
START TIME:                 Sunday, November 10, 09:00PM CST
ESTIMATED END TIME:    Sunday, November 10, 11:59PM CST

IMPACT:  Multiple instances of 5-10 minutes of packet loss

Weather Room 2.1 Installed


Ok so we are rolling out the newest modifications to our Weather Room.  We have had coverage for Oklahoma for sometime now.  As of today we are covering weather for the Dallas-FortWorth Metroplex.  We will be adding additional information to unpopulated tabs in that section next.

New Login Changes

Updated the Login Process for new users to include a email validation link click.  This should keep a few of the FAKE accounts from being created this also includes a captcha in the process.  Again contact me via the Contact form in the About if you have issues or questions regarding this.


Local News: Share Option Update

As many of you join us from the various social media Share’s we maintain here on TechnoJunkyard.  You may notice some of the Banners and Links are a bit confused or repeated.  Well we are in the middle of an UPDATE to a new sharing system.  Shareaholic, seems to offer what we have been looking for here to be able to get the word out about your Blog here.  They are the Nice Little Icon’s you see in a LINE below the each post.

I’ll be continuing to tweak them to get the shares correct.  I’m also looking into bringing a newer version of the buttons into the site that will allow for some of the other services.  At the moment the only one I’m missing compared to what was there before is StumbleUpon..   Staytuned I’m sure that the tweaking will soon expand into what I’ve been hoping to have on the server.

Added Disqus comments to site

Added the DISQUS comment system to the site today.  Make things a bit easier to moderate comments and allow for more comments.  The system also does checking for SPAM.  Those of your that are editors that want to be able to assist with moderation of comments please let me know if you have a DISQUS account and I’ll add you to our moderation list.

Update: I’ve removed this at this time as it was affecting a couple other things on the site.  It will return when we get the issues worked out of it.

Chatroom Update

Chatroom has NOW been customized so that ONLY Registered Users and LOGGED in users can be in there.  This is the best method I know of to keep scrapers and bots out.  Also give us a bit of Privacy in that area.  Remember if you want to be in the Chatroom you have to REGISTER SEPARATELY !!! (Something I hope to fix at some point as well down the road)

Ok for some time now I’ve been working to make weather available on the background of your computer.  NO MATTER what version of Microsoft’s OS you were using.  Unfortunately, the method to do it with Windows 7 was a very nasty and troublesome method.  I did post how I was able to do it in a previous link.

Since then I’ve continued working on scripting and searching for programs that could be used to support this.  Well I’ve boiled it down to a few Batch files and a couple executable files that I’ll be posting, very shortly.  This is by NO MEANS the final version of attempt at this project.  My hope and desire will be to compile all of this into ONE executable that could be started via an Icon or as a Startup item.

Details on how to obtain and install this can be found in the Library.  Or CLICK HERE.

Update 4.06.2012  Confirmed This method works on XP, Vista and Windows 7.  I hope to be starting on WeatherBackground 2.0 very soon.