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Video: Army Scores a Super-Stealthy Drone That Looks Like a Bird

The big problem with drones is they look like, well, drones. It makes them easy to spot, and easy to target. The Army has a solution to this problem: make them look like birds.

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Turn Off Your Smartphone Camera’s GPS to Protect Your Privacy

If you don’t like to broadcast your whereabouts, you’ve likely got it under control: No Foursquare for you, no “adding to your Photo Map” on Instagram. You’re good, right? Maybe. Or you could be inadvertently telling the world your location … Continue reading

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Army readies Massive Spy Blimp

Sure, it took an extra year or so, but Northrop Grumman has finally penciled in the first flight of the giant surveillance airship it’s building for the U.S. Army. The Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle — a football-field-size, helium-filled robot blimp fitted with … Continue reading

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Skysapience announces HoverMast, tethered hovering platform

Sky Sapience, an expert in autonomous hovering machine technology, announces the release of the HoverMast, tethered hovering platform specially designed for small vehicles. The HoverMast will be displayed at the upcoming AUVSI conference and exhibition in Tel-Aviv. 

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Pirate Bay Raid Leaked

More than half a decade after Swedish police officers first raided The Pirate Bay, there is talk that a second police raid against the world’s most famous torrent site is in the planning.

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Hackers can track your Cell phones location.

Using an inexpensive phone and open source software, the researchers were able to track the location of cell phone users without their knowledge on the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network, the predominant worldwide network.

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Nation’s Highest Court Rules: Warrant needed for GPS Tracking

On Monday the Supreme Court Ruled, unanimously to restricted law enforcement’s use of use GPS device’s to track suspects.  A warrant must first be obtained to use this method of survelliance.  This being the first test of privacy rights in … Continue reading

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China suspected in Attack Targets using DoD Access Cards

Cyber security firm Alien Vault, has discovered a computer virus that is using service members’ network security cards to hack into government networks. 

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Navy to Track Suspicious Vessels with Drone

With news daily it seems that some half crazed nation is threatening to cut off the US’s oil supply.  Need for Naval defense is at an all time high.  Protection of that defense is even more critical.

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Supreme Court Sees Shades of 1984 in Unchecked GPS Tracking

Supreme Court Sees Shades of 1984 in Unchecked GPS Tracking | Wired.com. UPDATE: Wired.com has been continuing to follow this importand matter and released an article today. Busted! Two New Fed GPS Trackers have been found on SUV |Wired.com. Below … Continue reading

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