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Did China steal F22 Plans?

Happy Friday, everyone. This is absolutely your pic of the week. You’re looking at the Heads Up Display on China’s J-20 stealth fighter. This is the first time we’ve seen the J-20’s holographic HUD up close. (The jet shown is … Continue reading

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Does Israel have Stealthy Blackhawk technology?

Well, this is interesting. Former Pentagon senior policy analyst F. Michael Maloof claims there might be a lot more of those stealthy Black Hawk helicopters  – the kind famoulsy used in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden last year … Continue reading

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Time to SNIPER BID on a US Navy Stealth Ship!

Yeah your not going to find this on Ebay.  However you can check it out on the GSA website, they are still taking bids for the next 24 hours on this super cool stealth warship that the government no longer … Continue reading

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Another Stealth Chopper in the Osama Raid? | Danger Room | Wired.com

So could this be  rendering of another of the stealthy Helio’s in US service now?  Danger room has a great article and speculation on the possibility of this crafts existence and operation within our military and secret operations. Source: Another … Continue reading

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Raid Wreckage Photo’s point to a NEW SECRET Helo used in Bin Laden Raid

Photo’s from Britain’s “The Daily Mail” newspaper may have just revealed a very very big clue as to how the Seal Team was able to penetrate Pakistani airspace with out tipping off their air defense and warning systems.  At first … Continue reading

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