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Nighttime Solar Power Arriving In United States

An era of nighttime solar power is dawning in the U.S.

Arizona Public Service says plant developer Abengoa is now testing the Solana Generating Station, a massive solar thermal power plant that will be the first in the country to use cutting-edge heat storage technology to extend energy production into the evening hours.


Largest Solar Flare since 2005 impacts Earth

solar flare
The sun eruption triggered the most powerful radiation storm since 2005 in a wave of charged particles that is expected to hit our planet Tuesday (Jan. 24) at around 9 a.m. EST (1400 GMT), according to experts at the Space Weather Prediction Center, which is operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Artificial Solar Leat that can power homes

While driving thru town , in my Subaru Outback, on my second run to get new trees for the backyard of our house.  I found myself scanning the airwaves of the FM radio to see what might be on as I was tired of the repeated song set of music. I happened to tune into NPR and it was on their one of the Science programs that was talking about new Breakthru’s in SOLAR POWER.  Alternative energy sources for my home have long been something that has interested my wife and I, and since we are located in Oklahoma land of BIG WIND and home of some of the BEST SUN BAKED Plains in the world.  It captured my attention, tho host was visiting with with Scientist Dr. Daniel Nocera who has perfected a low-cost, artificial leaf-like device.  The mimics the process of photosynthesis, in that it breaks splits water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen gasses.  Then stores them in a fuel cell, which then produces the electricity.  The cell is no larger than a Deck of Playing cards.

A practical “Artificial Leaf” has been one of the Holy Grails for science for some time now, and Nocera believes they have done it.

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