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Facebook Is Working On Another App That Nobody Will Use Called ‘Moments’

Facebook Moments
It looks like Facebook is experimenting with a new app that’s codenamed “Moments.”

The app will center on sharing things that might be too private for the wide-open audience of your Facebook Newsfeed, according to a report from TechCrunch.   (more…)

Some Idea’s regarding What’s Missing on Facebook and Social media.

Being a frequent user of Facebook over the years.  I have experienced the same up’s and down’s and feelings of outrage over some latest changes that has been forced upon the users over the years.  It occurred to me just what I think we are all missing in our news feed.   (more…)

Facebook Guilty of Manipulating Feeds?

Editor: This is a GREAT ARTICLE on what recently happened on FaceBook, thought it was worthy of adding.

Remember when your Facebook news feed just contained your friends’ status updates? Those were such innocent days. Then came ads dispersed here and there. And over time, those ads have looked more and more like actual status updates, luring you into thinking they’re from a trusted source. Now, however, we have Facebook itself on the loose.

Facebook launches mobile app that does not require Facebook account

(Reuters) – Facebook Inc launched a smartphone app on Tuesday that will allow consumers to exchange disappearing photos and videos without requiring Facebook accounts, the Internet company’s latest effort to develop mobile services beyond its core social network.

Microsoft, Facebook and Google unite to eliminate phishing via DMARC – will it work?

If the news wires are to be believed, the death of spam is imminent.  Again! (In 2004, Bill Gates famously remarked that spam would be a thing of the past by 2006.)  Now, the Big internet providers are joining forces to kill it DEAD!!   The following article is from Sophos and does the best at explaining the plan so I’m providing the entire article. (more…)