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But I Want it Now!!! Facebooks revamped Newsfeed to roll out slowly

“But mine doesn’t look like that yet.” “Yep and can’t wait to get it!” “Mine hasn’t changed yet. We shall see when that happens.”

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How Facebook broke the Internet.

Facebook managed to bring down large chunks of the internet last night, thanks to a glitch with Facebook Connect. 

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MacroSolve Files Patent Infringement Suit Against Facebook

Macrosolve, headquartered in Tulsa, OK, has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Facebook for violation of U.S. Patent No. 7,822,816.

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Microsoft, Facebook and Google unite to eliminate phishing via DMARC – will it work?

If the news wires are to be believed, the death of spam is imminent.  Again! (In 2004, Bill Gates famously remarked that spam would be a thing of the past by 2006.)  Now, the Big internet providers are joining forces … Continue reading

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The FBI Wanting to Monitor Social Media

Looks like the FBI wants to see who you associate with on social media now. They are wanting to create a application that monitors social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, in real-time to see where security risks may be.

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Facebook forces change to Timeline Profile

Facebook is set to start forcing users to change to the Timeline Profile. The new profile allows quicker access to older data, including posts, pictures and friend lists.

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UPDATE!!! Cyberworm Gobbles Up 45,000 Facebook User Logins

UPDATE: 01.06.2012 3:35pm central – Is your facebook login not working?  Here’s WHY!! Facebook locks down 45,000 accounts this is affecting mostly UK users we are told.  Here’s the latest report for the Telegraph on this. There is a new … Continue reading

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Google+ usage surges ahead 55% between from Nov. to Dec.

Reports out this morning show surge in the use of Google+.  Could this be a backlash against recent facebook changes or just additional devices coming online with Google+ added as an option.

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Facebook Timeline – Now available Worldwide

Facebooks Blog gives you all of the latest details on TIMELINE the controversial new Profile on Facebook.

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Twitter get’s a FACELIFT aimed at targeting Facebook and Google+

Source: TGDaily, Wired, TechCrunch Twitters facelift has made is cleaner, sharper, faster, easier to navigate as well as more attractive to advertisers.

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