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Editor: This is a GREAT ARTICLE on what recently happened on FaceBook, thought it was worthy of adding.

Remember when your Facebook news feed just contained your friends’ status updates? Those were such innocent days. Then came ads dispersed here and there. And over time, those ads have looked more and more like actual status updates, luring you into thinking they’re from a trusted source. Now, however, we have Facebook itself on the loose.

Twitter Must Provide Data on 3 Users, Judge Rules – NYTimes.com
OtherSources: Wired.com

Internet anonymity and privacy, well times they are a changing.   For the longest time some on the internet have lived thinking that you could say anything or do anything just because they couldn’t see you.  Because they could not see you, they could not find you and you could say whatever you wanted.  Times they are changing my friends.  You can’t just say or do whatever you want if it’s illegal they WILL respond.  It may take them a while but they WILL.  Wireds Threat Level article has a copy of the entire legal documents regarding this ruling.