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A planet past Pluto? Astronomers redefine the solar system’s edge

Our little corner of the universe just got a little more crowded. Scientists at the Carnegie Carnegie Institution for Science announced Wednesday the discovery of a new cosmic neighbor — a distant dwarf planet named 2012 VP113 that was found … Continue reading

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Video: Accidental discovery dramatically improves conductivity

Quite by accident, Washington State University researchers have achieved a 400-fold increase in the electrical conductivity of a crystal simply by exposing it to light. The effect, which lasted for days after the light was turned off, could dramatically improve … Continue reading

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Quantum reality more complex than previously thought

Imagine you order a delivery of several glass vases in different colors. Each vase is sent as a separate parcel. What would you think of the courier if the parcels arrive apparently undamaged, yet when you open them, it turns … Continue reading

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Tsunami seen on Sun’s surface

Two satellites have seen “tsunami” spreading on the surface of the Sun after a release of matter into space called a coronal mass ejection (CME). 

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[Video] Researchers create micro-battery with 3D Printer

We often hear about the coming nanobot revolution, but just how are scientists planning on powering these future marvels?  

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Brain computer interfaces are here.

Small electrodes placed on or inside the brain allow patients to interact with computers or control robotic limbs simply by thinking about how to execute those actions. This technology could improve communication and daily life for a person who is … Continue reading

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Antigravity gets first test at Cern’s Alpha experiment

Researchers at Cern in Switzerland have tested a novel way to find out if antimatter is the source of a force termed “antigravity”. 

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New Flouresent bulbs on the way, no flicker no buzz!!

A team of material scientists from Wake Forest University in North Carolina have developed plastic light bulbs that are shatterproof, flicker-free, and seem to last forever. Furthermore, these plastic bulbs are about twice as efficient as fluorescent bulbs, on-par with … Continue reading

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Officials state skydiver has broken the speed of sound.

ROSWELL, New Mexico (Reuters) – An Austrian daredevil leapt into the stratosphere from a balloon near the edge of space 24 miles above Earth on Sunday and safely landed, setting a record for the highest skydive and breaking the sound … Continue reading

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The Physics of the First-Ever Supersonic Skydive

An Austrian daredevil is gearing up to make the world’s highest skydive on Monday (Oct. 8), a high-flying leap from 23 miles above Earth that promises to break more than one record if all goes according to plan.

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