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Here’s a new robotics term for you to memorize: multi-modal locomotion. It means locomoting in multi-modes, and that just means getting around in more than one different way. Most animals are multi-modal: they can walk and swim, or walk and fly. This isn’t a coincidence, because there are clear advantages to being able to do move multi-modally, with capability and efficiency coming out near the top of the list. The disadvantage is that generally, you need a substantial amount of extra hardware for each mode of locomotion, but EPFL has managed to create a UAV that can use its wings to walk.

Testing Robo-Mules to Lighten Soldiers’ Load | Military.com

Long a concept seen in many SciFi classics as the StarGate series.  The Mule has been the dream of some in the Military to relieve the over burdened soldiers in the field.  Delivering supplies and extra ammo.  Even carrying wounded soldiers from the field to awaiting choppers has been discussed for use of operations of this robotic soldier.  It will be interesting to see what happens with this unit and if it’s use will help or hinder our future fighting forces.