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Quantum reality more complex than previously thought

Imagine you order a delivery of several glass vases in different colors. Each vase is sent as a separate parcel. What would you think of the courier if the parcels arrive apparently undamaged, yet when you open them, it turns … Continue reading

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Light completely stopped for a record-breaking minute

Editor note: We ran an article earlier on the Facebook Site regarding this.  Here is the ORIGINAL new scientist article with LINKS to the Physic’s Newsletter the details came from.  Ground Breaking work being done in Physic’s could change what … Continue reading

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Quantum computing comes closer to reality

Researchers at the University of Sydney and Dartmouth College have developed a new way to design quantum memory, bringing quantum computers a step closer to reality. The results will appear June 19 in the journal Nature Communications. 

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Google and NASA Snap up D-Wave Quantum Computer

D-Wave, the small company that sells the world’s only commercial quantum computer, has just bagged an impressive new customer: a collaboration between Google, NASA and the non-profit Universities Space Research Association. 

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A Hack-Proof Internet Exists, Thanks to Quantum Physics

Leave it to the quantum physicists at Los Alamos National Labs to have run for the past two years something that sounded like science fiction: a quantum Internet that promises perfectly secure online communications. 

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Vancouver BC company may be first into Quantum computing.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Our digital age is all about bits, those precise ones and zeros that are the stuff of modern computer code. 

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Quantum Computer Built Inside a Diamond

Diamonds are forever – or, at least, the effects of this diamond on quantum computing may be. A team that includes scientists from USC has built a quantum computer in a diamond, the first of its kind to include protection … Continue reading

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Scientists Successfully Teleport Quantum Information; Or Schrödinger’s Cat Lives/Dies

Scientists Successfully Teleport Quantum Information; Or Schrödinger’s Cat Lives/Dies Source: PopSci

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