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Program Updates!!!


 Major Update and overhaul underway for my program called WeatherBackground.  Programming for Version 2.0 started this week, it’s a complete rewrite as well as a new compiler.  The previous method of change and updates used insecure and out of date methods.  Coding began this week on a early ALPHA version.  I hope to have this out to testers shortly.  It is my intention to provide this program as shareware, so will be working on a donation method via the Website as well.  The early release version of this will be very simple and I’ll add in the complexity as I continue work on it.  Stay Tuned!!

Recent update to the website included a modification to the User Information Plugin/Widget located on the Website’s sidebar.  I hope to release it before long.  I added a bit more information that the program gathers and changed the method it was obtaining it.  Upgrading it’s accuracy, it is better than the previous release.   It at this time it can detect certain OS’s as well as certain mobile devices.  At some point I may expand it even further.  For now it is still in development as I’m looking at resolving some CSS related issues.