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Firefox 29 (new interface) released: Find out what is new

Firefox 29 ships with an interface redesign called Australis, a new customization mode that goes along with it, and a redesigned Firefox Sync synchronization feature that is incompatible with the old.

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Firefox 11 will get sync for Add-on’s

After the successful release of Firefox 10 earlier this week, Mozilla released today updates to its Aurora and Beta versions that introduce some pretty hefty changes for the Firefox on PCs.

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Firefox 10.0 is Released NOW!!!!

The latest version of the Browser, is out Now!  Expectations are set high for Firefox 10.0 as it brings more new and advanced features to the Browser wars. 

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Starting in Firefox 10, Minor Issues and Bugs will be fixed with Add-on Hotfix.

Currently in the TESTING phase, however shows a sign of more new advancements in the Firefox Browser.  A new feature called a HOTFIX, will have the ability to fix issues and release patches rather than a full browser update. 

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Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 10 Fixes

Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 10 Fixes. Firefox pushed out another BETA release also being cited as a Release Candidate, the list below covers all of the fixes in this latest push .  Since Mozilla is calling it a Release Candidate … Continue reading

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Phishing email making rounds in Hotmail

Be aware of phishing attacks. There’s one going around on Hotmail right now. Some users are getting an email to verify their account or it will be considered old and be deleted.

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Keylogging threat could lead to more attacks, say researchers

Internet browser users are going to have to deal with a new threat soon and it’s not related to JavaScript. There is an unusual vulnerability in some Mozilla products (including Firefox) that run on the Gecko engine. This vulnerability allows … Continue reading

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Google and Mozilla renew default search deal for Firefox

Recent speculation had it that Google was attempting to KILL off the competition by funding reports that showed Google’s Chrome browser at the top of the Browser War’s.

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Mozilla Hatches Plan to Tackle Memory Leaks in Firefox Add-ons

Mozilla Hatches Plan to Tackle Memory Leaks in Firefox Add-ons  | Wired.com.

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User Agent Switcher 0.7.3

Source: User-Agent-Switcher (Also in your Addon’s in Firefox.) Ok so I’m going to cover a Plugin today.

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