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Global Sales, 1M Of Which Were Made In U.K.

The Raspberry Pi microcomputer, which costs as little as $25/$35 and has helped fledge many a DIY hardware project, has racked up worldwide sales of 1.75 million, its U.K.-based creator, The Raspberry Pi Foundation, said today. The first Pis went on sale in … Continue reading

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$99 ARM-based PC runs either Ubuntu or Android

“Utilite” has single- to quad-core Cortex-A9 chip and up to 512GB flash storage. A new ARM-based Linux PC with a host of capabilities—including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, two Gigabit Ethernet jacks, and five USB ports—goes on sale next month starting at $99.

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Wanna Build a Supercomputer?

Wanna build your own supercomputer? All you need is some Legos and a few dozen Raspberry Pis. 

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Microsoft in the List of TOP Contributors for Linux

The Linux Foundation has released its annual report on the top contributors to Linus Torvalds’s open source operating system, and there’s a new name on the list: Microsoft.

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Firefox 11 will get sync for Add-on’s

After the successful release of Firefox 10 earlier this week, Mozilla released today updates to its Aurora and Beta versions that introduce some pretty hefty changes for the Firefox on PCs.

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Ubuntu get’s a Heads Up Display, no Weapons but a HUD still the same.

In Blog announcement by Mark Shuttleworth, he laid out plans for a Head Up Display in the next incarnation of Ubuntu’s OS. 

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Canonical shows off Ubuntu TV at CES 2012

UK based #Canonical made it’s first appearance at #CES, and as promised brought something cool along with them.  #Ubuntu TV.

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Update to IPBlock.sh Script

As promised, published an update to the IPBlock.sh bash script located in our Projects heading under the Blacklist Scripts section.  Added a bit more functionality to the script and cleaned up an error I found in it that was allowing … Continue reading

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New Kernel Patch Slashes Linux’s Power Appetite

New Kernel Patch Slashes Linux’s Power Appetite | PCWorld Business Center.

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Linux Mint 12 ‘Lisa’ to Come with a Customized Gnome 3 Desktop

Linux Mint 12 ‘Lisa’ to Come with a Customized Gnome 3 Desktop | Ubuntu Vibes.

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