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Intel Shows Off Its Smart Phone and Tablet for 2012

2012 appears to be the year that the BIG Chipmaker pushes further into the Mobile Market.  With it’s latest “Atom” processor dubbed Medfield.  It’s lower power and all in one chip approach could bring the chip giant the leg up in this lucrative, market.

Intel released the prototype of a Smart Phone running Google’s Android OS on the Medfield.

The Chip and devices will be directly targeting the domination that ARM processors have held on the Mobile,  Smartphone and Tablet markets.  Recent news out of AMD also reported a shift toward capturing a piece of this market as well.

Sources: Technology Review, TheVerge

Intel is set to announce something BIG today!!

Stay tuned for INTEL news today.  Something very big coming out of the INTEL camp.  Speculation is that it will be the most significant tech announcement of the whole year.  Maximum PC even has a run down on Rumors and Verdicts on what it will be.

Updated 05/04/2011 12:36pm –  New Chip Announced see article above.

Source: EETimes, Maximum PC