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Google Glass hack allows brainwave control

Google Glass has been hacked so that it can be controlled by brainwaves. By combining the smart glasses with an electroencephalography (EEG) headset, the software makes it possible to take a picture without moving a muscle. 

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Google Glass Already Has competition.

Google is not the only company working on Internet-connected glasses. At South by South West Interactive, former Tonchidot CEO—probably best known for inventing augmented reality camera app Sekai—unveiled a prototype for his new wearable computing device, Telepathy One.  

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Google begins showing apps for Glass

We’ve all seen the Glass demonstration videos from Google, but the app driven ecosystem we live in today demands that there be a little more than Google juice flowing through the headset. During a recent SXSW presentation, Google took to … Continue reading

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Could Google Glass be planning on replacing your glasses altogether?

The excitement surrounding Google Glass is unlike any product since the iPad, especially when you consider that it’s most likely we’re still nearly a year away from a commercial release. The hardware is an incredible concept made real, but Google … Continue reading

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