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Video: Have You Always Wanted To Be A Jedi? Come September, You’ll Be One With The Force.

After Star Wars was released, everybody wanted to control the force. Who wouldn’t after watching Vader force-choke Imperial officer Conan Antonio Motti or Yoda moving Luke’s X-Wing from the swamp? While we’re not even remotely close to that kind of force control (everyone has to start off as a Padawan), Canadian company Thalmic Labs has given us control over our electronics.

Next Kinect Sensor Spec’s

Launched in November 2010, the Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor set a world record for the fastest selling consumer electronic device, selling ten million units in its first four months alone. Natural user interface (NUI) experiences using Kinect have proved a compelling and inspiring feature of this console generation. Durango provides the opportunity to push innovative NUI further. Every Durango console will come with a next-generation Kinect sensor. Developers can integrate Kinect functionality, confident that it provides a great experience for all Durango users. (more…)

Nintendo 3DS firmware update on the way.

Nintendo is preparing a new upgrade to its 3DS gaming system.

Now that the 3DS has a healthy selection of varied apps and games for users to download, Nintendo will be doling out a software update for the system that will in part give 3DS owners a more organized way to keep track of all the content they have on their system.

No Longer a Rumor: Nintendo Confirms Wii Successor in 2012

Possible Screen shot of Project Cafe

PC world is reporting this morning that Nintendo has formally “announced” their next video game console instead of pretending that they don’t care, (or that they don’t know what we are talking about) or by speaking in Vague-ties and NO Comments.

The company the the details drop on it’s 2011 financials, admitting there is indeed a new console just around the corner.  The Project Cafe, often rumored has now been confirmed and should be available in 2012, however the first look at it should be in less than 2 months at E3 2011.

So what’s still be speculated by the console?  HTDV Support, a Blu-Ray Drive, Backwards compatibility with the Wii, better motion controls than the PlayStation Move, and that it’s slight more powerful than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Ability to stream game or video anywhere and a table controller.

A rumored system name was ‘Stream’.

Source: PCWorld, AP, BBCNews