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Internet browser users are going to have to deal with a new threat soon and it’s not related to JavaScript. There is an unusual vulnerability in some Mozilla products (including Firefox) that run on the Gecko engine. This vulnerability allows for malware writers to detect key strokes even when Javascript is disabled.

Google-funded study finds Firefox least secure browser, Chrome the best | Naked Security.
Well after long consideration and many suggesting I make the move to chrome.  This article did the job.  I’ve moved chrome on to a couple of my production boxes and will start moving with that.  I have long been a supporter of Firefox but after reading about the security issues it’s been having as of late verses even Internet Explorer?  I fear it will soon go the way of Netscape.  So time to make a move in advance of that.  I’m still testing their version 9.0 software and I do like it and it’s sync but if they can’t come up to snuff on Security as well as obtain some decent funding.  I fear they will be left behind.