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700,000 Dropbox Credentials compromised, in latest round of Hacks.

Popular online storage locker and cloud storage Dropbox appears to be the among the latest in a series of high profile target’s being hacked and to have the contents dumped online.  A series of posts made available on PasteBin is said to contain the login credentials for hundreds of Dropbox accounts.   (more…)

BitTorrent ‘s Bram Cohen Patents Revolutionary Live Streaming Protocol

Hoping to revolutionize live broadcasting on the Internet, Bram Cohen has filed a patent application for the new BitTorrent Live streaming protocol. BitTorrent’s inventor has worked on the new technology for several years and believes his new protocol can be world-changing. “We plan to shape the future of live broadcasts and want to work with broadcasters to accomplish that,” Cohen says. (more…)

The Copyright Alert System: How the New “Six Strikes” Anti-Piracy Program Works

This week marks the rollout of the long delayed “Copyright Alert System” aka the six strike anti-piracy program. It’s a bit confusing at a glance, but it’s not nearly as powerful as you’d think. Here’s how the system works, how it’ll affect you, and everything else you need to know.    (more…)