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Chinese hackers target US national security think tanks

The Chinese cyberattack group Deep Panda has compromised national security think tanks using sophisticated techniques designed to steal confidential data concerning US foreign policy, according to security researchers at CrowdStrike. 

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U.S. to announce first criminal charges against China for cyberspying

The Justice Department is charging members of the Chinese military with conducting economic cyber-espionage against American companies, U.S. officials familiar with the case said Monday, marking the first time that the United States is leveling such criminal charges against a … Continue reading

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Iran’s Cyberwarfare Chief Gunned Down

Two bullets to the heart have terminated the life of Iran’s chief of cyberwarfare, according to the Daily Telegraph. Mojtaba Ahmadi, commander of Iran’s Cyber War Headquarters, was found dead in a wooded area near the town of Karaj, northwest … Continue reading

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Feds are Suspects in New Malware That Attacks Tor Anonymity

Security researchers tonight are poring over a piece of malicious software that takes advantage of a Firefox security vulnerability to identify some users of the privacy-protecting Tor anonymity network. 

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A Hack-Proof Internet Exists, Thanks to Quantum Physics

Leave it to the quantum physicists at Los Alamos National Labs to have run for the past two years something that sounded like science fiction: a quantum Internet that promises perfectly secure online communications. 

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Syria drops off the Internet

It looks like internet access into and out of Syria has been deliberately shut down. 

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Anonymous ‘hacks’ North Korea social network accounts

The hacking collective Anonymous has said it has been “hacking” and vandalising social networking profiles linked to North Korea. 

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Another wave of computer failures rings alarm bells in South Korea.

A number of government and civilian organizations experienced network and website malfunctions on Tuesday, unnerving government officials just days after computer networks at banks and broadcasters crashed due to cyber attacks. 

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US Teens preparing for Cyberwarfare.

Computer-savvy teens are putting down their game controllers — at least temporarily — for code writing and virus-sweeping. Call it “Red Dawn: Part Deux: Teen Cyber-Commandos.”

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White House confirms hack came from China.

White House sources partly confirmed an alarming report that U.S. government computers — reportedly including systems used by the military for nuclear commands — were breached by Chinese hackers. 

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