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Video: Scientists create circuit board modeled on the human brain

Stanford scientists have developed faster, more energy-efficient microchips based on the human brain – 9,000 times faster and using significantly less power than a typical PC. This offers greater possibilities for advances in robotics and a new way of understanding … Continue reading

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Quantum reality more complex than previously thought

Imagine you order a delivery of several glass vases in different colors. Each vase is sent as a separate parcel. What would you think of the courier if the parcels arrive apparently undamaged, yet when you open them, it turns … Continue reading

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Print a working paper computer on an $80 inkjet

Ink laced with silver nanoparticles could make it a reality, to the joy of hobbyists “IMAGINE printing out a paper computer and tearing off a corner so someone else can use part of it.” So says Steve Hodges of Microsoft … Continue reading

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FBI Ransomware Now Targeting Apple’s Mac OS X Users

For years, Windows users have been plagued by ransomware demanding several hundred dollars to unlock their computers. 

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Quantum computing comes closer to reality

Researchers at the University of Sydney and Dartmouth College have developed a new way to design quantum memory, bringing quantum computers a step closer to reality. The results will appear June 19 in the journal Nature Communications. 

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Microsoft Updates Core Windows 8 Productivity Apps: Mail, Calendar and People

Microsoft is finally releasing an update for its built-in Mail, Calendar and People apps. The Mail app will support organizational functions like flagging emails and creating folders. The Calendar app will get a new look and meeting scheduling support. And … Continue reading

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Designing the Windows Store user experience

More details on Microsofts Windows Store in MSDN BLOG!!  As soon as I can get my hands on the testing version I’ll be posting more details on this. Source: MSDN Blogs

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New Security Link Added

With all of the Recent Security issues, Hacks and Phishing attempts.  One starts to wonder where do we turn to?

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