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Video: New Software offers High Quality Prints from Low Quality Lenses

If you’re in the market for a consumer-friendly DSLR, it’s a good idea to budget in some money for extra lenses, as you’ll see a marked improvement in image quality compared to your camera’s kit lens. Or, just buy the cheapest, crappiest glass you can find and wait until this wonderful software from researchers at the University of British Columbia is available. It promises the same results with just a couple of clicks.

Thanksgiving Parade 2011 – LIVE FROM New York City Courtesy of EarthCam

Othersource: Mlive.com
Check out the Multiple Views.  Makes watching the parade from across the world a wonder.  The link is slow loading so stick with it.
Update 11.24.2011 – Added the Mlive.com link, it has links to all of the Parades around the nation on this Thanksgiving day!!