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Shellshock botnet targets Akamai, as well as US DoD networks.

Attackers were quick to capitalized on the  Shellshock Bash command interpreter bug disclosed yesterday.  Constructing a botnet that is rapidly try to infect other servers, according to a security researcher. (more…)

Update to IPBlock.sh Script

As promised, published an update to the IPBlock.sh bash script located in our Projects heading under the Blacklist Scripts section.  Added a bit more functionality to the script and cleaned up an error I found in it that was allowing some duplicate entries to creep in.  Added an additional output that I have found useful, a DenyHosts.ip file.  It’s prepped and ready to cut and paste into a .htaccess file.  Useful for blocking unwanted folks at the Webserver level.  You can modify it to say what you need for your own uses.

This script along with blockingscript.sh also listed in Blacklist Scripts, do a pretty decent job keeping UNWANTED trolls from the site.  Both rely in IPTables and .htaccess file to do so.