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Woke up this morning and had a discussion with a couple friends regarding PC performance and sluggishness.  So figured it was time to review technojunkyard’s  library list of tools we use to perform a clean up of a poorly performing system and do a write up on any new ones that may have come on the scene as well. (more…)

Free Mobile Security BETA

Free Mobile Security BETA | Avast!.

Well FREE is good!!   Avast! is moving into the Mobile Security arena.  With the latest rash of Mobile Device infections, spying and malware.  Avast! has released a BETA of it’s Mobile Security Suite for the Android phone.  Looking for someone with one of the units to do a good review for me on it.  I enjoy their Virus Protection on my systems here in my office so would like some feedback on their product so far for the Mobile devices.