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Apple patent might show features of upcoming iWatch

A newly surfaced patent that is speculated to be for Apple’s upcoming iWatch shows some new details about the device.  

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Mac Observer Report Claims iPhone 6 Launching Sept 19

Although the iPhone 6 is not yet official, everyone’s guessing that the smartphone in question will be unveiled and released sometime during the third quarter of the year, or at the beginning of Q4 at the latest. Nevertheless, pinpointing the … Continue reading

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Bloomberg: Two iPhone 6 models will go into mass production in July, will go on sale at the same time

Last night 9to5 Mac noted a report from a Taiwanese news outlet which claimed in part that Apple would be putting the next-generation iPhone into production next month. Now, Bloomberg has confirmed that the company will indeed be starting production on … Continue reading

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Surprise: New, Cheaper iMac Takes a Performance Hit

If you’ve been wanting an Apple desktop but didn’t want to shell out the cash for either an iMac or the Mac Pro, you’re in luck: a new, cheaper iMac goes on sale today. For $1,099 (that’s $200 less than … Continue reading

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Apple, Comcast not to Net TV future

Apple may have finally found a TV content partner that can flex some muscle. After years of trying but largely failing to launch its own smart TV product that can satisfy a wide band of audience, Apple may be joining … Continue reading

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Forbes: Reporting No iPhone 6 till September, and why.

Because Apple sells more than 150 million iPhones a year with a sprawling network of suppliers making components, its ability to maintain such a wide cone of silence has become near-impossible. Apple has been mum but it appears  that the … Continue reading

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Update your iThings: Apple splats scary SSL snooping bug in iOS 6, 7

Apple has released updates for its mobile operating system iOS to patch a bug that blew apart the integrity of encrypted connections in the right conditions. 

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Apple reportedly acquires PrimeSense for $345M

Apple has reportedly closed a deal to acquire PrimeSense, the 3D-sensor company behind Microsoft’s Kinect sensor. 

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Apple rolls out iOS 7.0.4, includes new features, bug fixes

iOS 7.0.4 includes bug fixes, security patches, and a slew of new features and software improvements.  

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War of Nations: The Art of War

War of Nations: The Art of War,  a game strategy guide and self help for beginners.  Now onsale in the iBooks store. Get your copy today!  Only $2.99 USD.  

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