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Nighttime Solar Power Arriving In United States

An era of nighttime solar power is dawning in the U.S.

Arizona Public Service says plant developer Abengoa is now testing the Solana Generating Station, a massive solar thermal power plant that will be the first in the country to use cutting-edge heat storage technology to extend energy production into the evening hours.


Engineering a Gasoline Producing Metabolically-Engineered Microorganism

For many decades, we have been relying on fossil resources to produce liquid fuels such as gasoline, diesel, and many industrial and consumer chemicals for daily use. However, increasing strains on natural resources as well as environmental issues including global warming have triggered a strong interest in developing sustainable ways to obtain fuels and chemicals.

China and Bill Gates discuss nuclear reactor plan


China and Bill Gates discuss nuclear reactor plan | BBC News.

With the Japanese Disaster still fresh in mind and the seeming lack of interest in the United States for nuclear power.  Bill Gate’s firm Terrapower is in discussions with China to build the first disaster proof reactor.  Research in this 4th Generation reactor will take 5 years and could cost more than 1 billion dollars.