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Video: Plan B Uses Old Printer Parts To Create Detailed 3D Models

Plan B 3D Printer
If you’re bored this weekend, go ahead and tear apart your old inkjet printer and grab a few pieces of aluminum. Then head over to Yvo de Haas’ website and get cracking. His new project, called Plan B, is an open source 3D printer that lets you print solid plastic objects by binding a thin layer of plastic powder with an old printer head.

Extremely Accurate 3-D Printer readies for shipping


After an up-and-down year where Formlabs successfully raised $2,945,885 and was later sued by market leader 3D Systems, their first-in-class, stereolithography-based 3-D printer is finally slated to ship. The team has been busy setting up their supply chain and tweaking the design since the campaign was concluded in October, but have ordered components, and the plan is to deliver units to eager backers starting in April.