Chinese hackers target US national security think tanks

The Chinese cyberattack group Deep Panda has compromised national security think tanks using sophisticated techniques designed to steal confidential data concerning US foreign policy, according to security researchers at CrowdStrike.  Continue reading

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Star Trek May Be Here Sooner Than We Think

In a distant part of the galaxy, 300 years in the future, Starship Enterprise Captain James T. Kirk talks to his crew via a communicator; has his medical officer assess medical conditions through a handheld device called a tricorder; synthesizes food and physical goods using his replicator; and travels short distances via a transporter. Kirk’s successors hold meetings in virtual-reality chambers, called holodecks, and operate alien spacecraft using displays mounted on their foreheads. All this takes place in the TV series Star Trek, and is of course science fiction.  Continue reading

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LIVE: Watch Google I/O 2014

Watch Google I/O 2014 Keynote LIVE.

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Toyota Takes on Tesla With Its First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car

Toyota has announced its first commercial hydrogen fuel cell car, a sedan based on the concept unveiled at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.  Continue reading

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Mac Observer Report Claims iPhone 6 Launching Sept 19

Although the iPhone 6 is not yet official, everyone’s guessing that the smartphone in question will be unveiled and released sometime during the third quarter of the year, or at the beginning of Q4 at the latest. Nevertheless, pinpointing the exact release date is not an easy task, especially now that we have not one, but two smartphones expected to be unveiled. There are also two new iPads planned for a release, as well as the mysterious iWatch which is now supposedly waiting for its FDA certificationContinue reading

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Video: Orion Parachute test is delayed. Live at 11:30am ET

Operational Update: The parachute test is delayed one hour, 5 minutes. We will go live now at 11:30am ET. No problem with test, aircraft delay.  Continue reading

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Aereo loses to broadcasters in Supreme Court fight for its life

The Supreme Court struck a dramatic blow against Aereo today in a ruling that puts the TV streaming service as it currently exists on its deathbed. In a 6–3 ruling, the court found that Aereo’s service violates the Copyright Act by playing back recordings of broadcasters’ TV shows — even though it legally captures those shows over the air and obtains individual copies for each viewer. Aereo had argued that it was merely providing technology that its subscribers were renting in order to watch TV, posing that the viewers were responsible for playing back those recordings.  Continue reading

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Bloomberg: Two iPhone 6 models will go into mass production in July, will go on sale at the same time

iPhone 6
Last night 9to5 Mac noted a report from a Taiwanese news outlet which claimed in part that Apple would be putting the next-generation iPhone into production next month. Now, Bloomberg has confirmed that the company will indeed be starting production on two different models of the upcoming smartphone in July. Continue reading

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Facebook launches mobile app that does not require Facebook account

(Reuters) – Facebook Inc launched a smartphone app on Tuesday that will allow consumers to exchange disappearing photos and videos without requiring Facebook accounts, the Internet company’s latest effort to develop mobile services beyond its core social network.
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New Program offers Realtors a Score on How Likely a Home will sell.

Press Release from MAPS290:

That time of year again, when the kids are out of school; dad is running over the garden hose in the driveway, and bikes and trikes are scattered about along with a “FOR SALE BY OWNER” sign in the front yard.

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