Latest News

05-25-15 – Removed old Live Weather Feeds from the communities. Created a Live Weather Feed and Moved Chasermap as well as WeatherNation livestream to that location.

05-19-15 – Additional information added to WeatherRoom 3.1. Added NAM, GFS and ECMWF predictive models and links. Under useful links added RADAR Level 3 status chart as well as a LINK to an ADROID Radar APP called pykl3radar.

04-22-15 – Quick update to WeatherRoom 3.1.  Blocked some calls to the NWS Forecast from out side the USA.  Since they don’t support those with their scripts.  However we did update the to support our Canadian Friends with Celcius.  Library updated some outdated links for items that folks use for cleaning a PC as we posted an article about best practices and tools we use.

04-17-15 – A Lot of work going on in the background for the Weather Room update, enough we bumped the revision to 3.1.  Forecast added, including localized Weather and Forecasts. Utilizing geoLocation data obtained from a visitors IP address, we now can provided a localized weather experience for the visitors area.  Current sources include as well as the National Weather Service.  Moving this information adding geoLocation data and reformatting the pages should allow for a better mobile experience as well.

04-15-15 – New update to the Weather Room revision 3.0. You will notice some new tabs and features have been added.  Weather Outlook Predictive Outlook, will carry maps for days 1-8 as well as Tornadic, Hail and Wind probabilities as well as severe weather probabilities.
Under the Raw weather Data tab new weather forecast is in place for both DFW/Metro area as well as Oklahoma City.  This will be changing shortly as well bringing back the IP specific metro conditions.  Some work on the scripts need to be worked out to do this. Under the Weather Feed Live tab you will notice there is NO Feed available at this time.  We had a link to Weather Nation there.  At this time they are no longer providing a free stream.  I hope to be updating this area as the spring moves along and chances of weather affects many of us.  If you have suggestions for pages and sites that would be interesting there.  Please drop them to us from the About Page link.

02-27-15 – Slight tweaking and adjustment to the Sitemap this morning.  Things at the new location seem to be moving forward well.

02-23-15 – Relocated website to new provider, still working on getting a things back in shape.  A few items went missing along the way so we will be making up for that as we go.  Stay tuned we will have more to come in the future.  This should allow for from GROWTH.

12-01-14 – Complete removal of the ChatRoom as it’s no longer being used as part of TechnoJunkyard.  As time move along we may consider adding something such as SLACK CHAT back to our site.

11-06-14 – Started Experimentation with SLACK and the ChatRoom.  Created a SLACK CHAT relay from the chatroom to a room that I created on Slack.  Unfortunately at this time there isn’t a method yet available to send SLACK info back into the chatroom, limitation on this end not on Slacks.  So the bot is a one way link until I can look further into how this could be accomplished.  Which may take a bit of poking about with PHP.

Right now getting the final parts of  WeatherBackground 2.0 completed before I get killed or die off from old age.  This has fueled most of my time as of late.  Stay tuned I sure hope to have this out before the end of this year so I’m ready for the upcoming storm season 2015.

10-26-14 – Added a link in the Library to a forum at Mac Rumors regarding changing the internal WiFi and Bluetooth card for a NEW 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0 LE to provide full AirDrop, Handshake and Continuity to your older mac. Appears to support clear back to some Mid 2007 systems depending on the unit.

10-20-14 –
After many years using Gtrans as my translator of choice on the site.  I felt it was time to UPDATE and added a new translation method to the new site.  It’s support seems a bit FRESHER, and keeping up with recent update.

10-16-14 –
A bit of work on the Backend of the site going on preparing for some modifications.  First big change, the chat section is down.  Working on trying to implement users login covering the Chatroom as well.  When the LIVECHAT is back up and running, we will make an announcement.

Excellent Progress was made today on the UPGRADE to the Chatroom, it’s been moved back into Maintenance status.   When it’s enabled ONLY VERIFIED LOGGED IN Users will be allowed to access it.

Work on Style and Style Sheets will continue tomorrow 10-17-14 with hopes to open it up to Registered Users sometime in the Afternoon.

09-12-14 –
Bit of work on some categories today.  Cleaned up a few that needed moved and a couple misspellings.

09-05-14 –
Central core code update today to site.  Everything looked to be good and working well.  Also with the new login system.  Playing with a few new ideas for down the road as well.  Should be fun.

– Facelift to the main site today.  Still tweaking a bit of css here and there.  As well as getting the Video’s converted to Lightboxes.  Embedded the social media feed in the sidebar.  Should be much easier to follow what’s going on there from the main site now.  Several of the supporting items that were also on the sidebar have been moved to the footer of the site.  Changed how the previous posts are listed as well.

Work is still continuing on WeatherBackground 2.0.  Main program is functional in alpha format right now testing.  Once I have a good method for Registrations, I’ll place it online for purchase, and download.  I’m hoping to roll 2.0 right into 3.0.  While programming I’ve come up with some other cool ideas to add to it as I’m learning more about coding.

7-13-14  – Starting to dig into a few site performance issues related to some of the supporting plugin’s.  Work continues on the sites I’m associated with, as well as getting close to release of my WeatherBackground 2.0.

06-25-14 – Enacted some country bans the other night due to some extremely high volume.  Had to do some country wide bans.  These will be relaxed when some better control and traffic are enacted in those areas.  I’m not much for banning locations but will when the whole of a community suffers from the actions of a few.

– Work continues on WeatherBackground 2.0.  Spent a day with Rob Ruder
of IDIC Designs combing over the code and tightening it.  As I had an issue with disposal, in my code.  Worked it out and he helped me clean things up and get some needed structure to the project.  I’m holding off release as I want to get a simple configuration form and menu installed in it so a person can change the defaulted site and time and save that within the existing program configuration file.  Everyone has their favorite weather sites and graphics so I want this to be able to be used with each of those.

Working on several websites at the moment as well.  Assisting getting a few more things implemented.  As well as assisting with on their launch of  The latter has consumed alot of my time with their launch and roll out so my project has stayed on the back burner a bit.

06-03-14 – Updates, several core files on mainsite.  Work is progressing on Weather program version 2.0.  Got one more tiny bug to squash and will roll out into an installer
with a HAND configuration file.  Next version I’ll implement a better configuration system.  Other projects have kept my full attention at work as of late I will however get some time to get back to my Weather Program soon…

05-08-14 – Fixes, patches and updates to core files on main site as well as Chatroom.   Several supporting programs updated and fixed a few links that were out of date in library as well.

03-24-14 – Fixes and Modifications to the Authors link.  Something that’s been hanging around on the site since launch.  Also updated and changed the theme for the Chatroom.  This theme is a bit faster, as well as it will allow for custom CSS to be saved separately so that changes will be much easier to stay constant.

03-19-14 – Major Update and overhaul underway for my program called WeatherBackground.  Programming for Version 2.0 started this week, it’s a complete rewrite as well as a new compiler.  The previous method of change and updates used out of date methods as well as utilization of batch files.  Started coding this week, hope to have early ALPHA version out to testers shortly.  It is my intention to provide this program as shareware, so will be working on a donation method via the Website as well.  The early release version of this will be very simple and I’ll add in the complexity as I continue work on it.  Stay Tuned!!

02-21-14 – Update and modification to the User Information Plugin/Widget.  Added a bit more information and changed the method it was obtaining it.  So it’s a bit more accurate.   It at this time does detect certain OS’s at well as certain mobile devices.  At some point I may expand it even further.  For now it is still in development.  Overhauled the OS Detection as well..  Still a bit of testing may release this one to the public after a bit of testing.  Struggling with some CSS issues with it.

02-11-14 – Added a bit of Security in place due to some unwanted Bruteforce attack’s.  If your a regular and find you can’t access the site let me know via our facebook page.  I’ll set it up so you can.  Those of you that see your IP address, yes we put that in place to let our visitors know that feel that they are anonymous and can attempt a hack that we indeed can see you.  If you find you’ve been locked out again reach us on Facebook I’ll verify info and unlock your account.

01-06-14 – New Weather Instrument in place, Real Time Weather update from Instrument via wunderground at this point.  I’ll be building some hardware and software to get direction connection with the data from this unit shortly to push REAL TIME data to website during times of BAD weather in the area.  For now you can see the updates in the Weather Room under the Dallas Tx TAB and Raw Weather Data TAB.

12-16-13 – Core update and some updates to addon’s completed to main site.  Will do the Chatroom later this week.

–  Chatroom, update complete.  Should be fully functional, it has been working just needed to do an UPDATE that I’ve been putting off and conversion of that update to the CSS of that as well.  More new changes coming on the backend of things as the core of the site is getting some updates.  Site HQ Relocation to Texas has been completed.    Co-Hosting still located at original location as they have been doing a great job hosting our location.

11-04-13 –  The following advisory is being sent to inform you of upcoming network maintenance.
DESCRIPTION:   Network Core Upgrade
START TIME:                 Sunday, November 10, 09:00PM CST
ESTIMATED END TIME:    Sunday, November 10, 11:59PM CST
IMPACT:  Multiple instances of 5-10 minutes of packet loss

10-24-13 – Update to the internals of the site today.  As well as to the child systems.  Please contact me via the contact form if things are working oddly.

10-17-13 –
Changes to the Login and Registration system today.  Updated the work, with an AJAX system that should function. Enabled a Users List on the Main site.  Mirrored Changes to the ChatRoom.  Still kicking around the idea of adding an ONLINE store at some point.

10-03-13 –  Update to WeatherRoom underway, added the new tabs for the Dallas MetroPlex area.  Starting to fill in the data and information there.  Some of the Maps and other data is being filled in on the Texas Tab.  If you have resources you think that should be included there.  Drop me a line or post away in the chatroom.

09-27-13 –  For those in the know you have already heard this. The big news is our HQ will be relocating to the Dallas MetroPlex area in the next 30 days.  Nothing here will change except for a few additions to the WeatherRoom at this time.  I’ve started to set it up for getting Oklahoma Weather as well as Texas (coming shortly) as I still monitor both.

– Some big news coming later this week stay tuned.

08-25-13 – Playing with some new code that will allow our Facebook Posts to be displayed in the main roll/loop.  Initially this will only allow so many at the bottom of the main roll/loop but ultimately I’m hoping to place them individually in the roll and not REPEAT one’s that have already appeared on the site.  This way we have posts from both locations appearing ON both locations.  Also at this time there is an issue with the Images being ported over.  Hoping to have a solution to that as well soon.

08-01-2013 – NEW update to the core system.  New features coming, I’ll be discussing those with our registered users, and contributors, in the next few days.

07-02-2013 – More Shares added to the Share This ability.  Enjoy…

06-28-2013 – A Lot of FAKE Login attempts still occurring.  Took more measures to lock those down.  Uses wanting to be page of the site should REGISTER for an REAL account with a REAL email first.  After that be part of the community and submit REAL comments not spam.

06-19-2013 –  Updates and changes, dropped the sharing icon service from site as it was slowing it down and causing issues with LOGIN.  Moved to a newer method supported better it appears.  Also adding some things that should speed up the site a bit more.

06-12-2013 – More work behind scenes this week and some update work in Chat.  Fixed a few CSS things that were bugging me.  Opened chat back up to the world.  Seeing a lot more Security related traffic as well over the last few days.  Gave us some opportunity to try out some new TOOLS in the TOOL BOX.

05-13-2013 –  Work behind the scenes went on after some upgrades.  Also added a bit more security to site.  Dealing with the BIG WORDPRESS breakin’s that were going on around the world.  They seem to have been pretty effective in solving the issue.  Also did a small bit of work on the site today adding more mobile capabilities to the main site.  Working on a clients website over the weekend as well.  Rolled it out on Sunday, so things have been very very busy as of late.

04-10-2013  Sorry if it appears we have taken a break here.. I’ve been involved in some classes and another WEBSITE Build.  Also planning on a MAKEOVER at some point for Tech.  I may have found a theme that will allow tech to appear a bit more like a Magazine that I’m trying out first on a local install and then I’ll attempt the migration to the main site after I have it all up and working.  I need to see how some of the functions and plugin’s will respond to the new theme.  Gone will be our familiar BIG graphical selection’s for New, Chat ect… I will say I think I’m gonna miss those.. It’s one of the things I really enjoyed about the current look and feel.  I’ve not decided if it will be a DARK or LIGHT theme…  Would be great if they allowed users to make that choice but I’ve not found a good theme for that, that looks good.  So stay tuned.

03-31-2013 –   Well, added the dreaded CAPTCHA to the About and Submissions likes.. Wow hasn’t even been a week and I got a SPAM from it.  So, also added a bit more security to those beyond the CAPTCHA.  If your listed with AKISMET, sorry your not going to be able to submit.  Also to those sending spam and wanting a LINK.  Yeah as with all accounts, if not registered, you won’t be linked.  And if your associated with spam and found, you will be DELETED, BLOCKED and BANNED.  Not interested in that kind of stuff here.

–   As many of you join us from the various social media Share’s we maintain here on TechnoJunkyard.  You may notice some of the Banners and Links are a bit confused or repeated.  Well we are in the middle of an UPDATE to a new sharing system.  Shareaholic, seems to offer what we have been looking for here to be able to get the word out about your Blog here.  They are the Nice Little Icon’s you see in a LINE below the each post.

I’ll be continuing to tweak them to get the shares correct.  I’m also looking into bringing a newer version of the buttons into the site that will allow for some of the other services.  At the moment the only one I’m missing compared to what was there before is StumbleUpon..   Staytuned I’m sure that the tweaking will soon expand into what I’ve been hoping to have on the server.

03-26-2013 –  Quick update to the About and Article Submission Links.  I’ve added some forms there and will likely add some for of Captcha to them this week as well.
Trying to keep the scrapers at bay from scraping my email address and filling my box with SPAM yet allowing folks to still contact us.

Did some work to customize the Login for the LiveChat.  I like the looks but want some of the text to be gone that appears on it.  So will work with that a bit as I have time.

03-10-2013 – Doing some work on a friends WordPress Site this weekend.  If your
interested in SteamPunk artwork.  Drop on over and have a look.  it’s been rather interesting the options they give you for FREE on the site.  It doesn’t offer plugin’s but the blogs are still very configurable.

03-05-2013 – Working in some better integration with the main site and FACEBOOK site.  So that comments will appear here from there.  Thinking about a FACEBOOK Makeover as well shortly.  Need to get some thinking done on the graphics there.

03-01-2013 – Added DISQUS comment system to website, allowing for Social logins as well as getting ready to do a bit of Social CROSS posting as well.

02-28-2013 – Added STOP CISPA banner to both sections of the site.

02-25-2013 – Added New Weather Loop to the WeatherRoom.  Unisys Loop using the EURO feeds for another great feed for local wether.

02-14-2013 – Chatroom has NOW been customized so that ONLY Registered Users and LOGGED in users can be in there.  This is the best method I know of to keep scrapers and bots out.  Also give us a bit of Privacy in that area.  Remember if you want to be in the Chatroom you have to REGISTER SEPARATELY !!! (Something I hope to fix at some point as well down the road)

02-13-2013 – Well down sick for a few days to decided to look into a few items that have needed fixing for a bit.   Custom Error Pages are back in and working.  Got rid of a number  of spammer accounts that seem to be still attempting Bruteforce attacks.  Starting to do some investigation to get subscribed to an automated list to block these.  Or if you think you have a good method for getting these blocked let me know.

01-27-2013 – Well, sorry not alot of updates since way before DECEMBER here.  I’ve been super busy on the back end with LIFE!  However UPDATE to the site has just taken place so should be good and stable now.  I’ll be checking the Plugin’s over the next few weeks.  Also a PLANNED update in a few more weeks to the chatroom as well.  The Theme we use here is due for an update as well.  So stay tuned.  BTW if your wanting to write for us, let me know and I’ll get you set up to author GREAT articles.  Drop me an email at… Well YOU KNOW where to contact us at.

11-15-2012 – A large number of spammer IP’s have been blocked and I’m sure more will be coming as they ramp up for the END of the Year.  Some may have noticed their IP’s being blocked now as well.  This site has a ZERO tolerance on spam and forum spam so if your on a site blacklisted for such behavior.  Expect your account and IP to be deleted and banned.

10-15-2012 – Working on adding some information regarding programming links to the Links directory.  If you know of any useful links, drop them to me on the main board or in the chatroom.  The first one looks easy enough that very young children are programming games.

10-5-2012 – Updates to the chatroom continue.  Style sheet colors are nearly correct, to match main theme now.  Still need a bit of JScript work on the Fade after a new post to fix the white on white issue there.  It has to do with a faulty implementation of a transparent color assumption by the Theme’s author.  So you’ll have to pardon me as I dig thru his code to find a fix.  Got word the Mobile version of the theme is still not working so at some point I may make a move to REPLACE it all together.

9-12-2012 – Well after a few days away as we moved into new house.  We are now back up and on the Internet.  So I’ll start looking into things that need to be updated and fixed again in the upcoming weeks.  I’m also hoping to start to post a bit again on the main blog.

8-10-2012 – Updates in the chatroom, turned off the Faulty Mobile Plug in I’ll start searching for one that really works soon.  The default theme updated again so I’ll be working on getting the CSS working again on the Chatroom.  For right now Black text on White background there will have to do.  As I have time this weekend I’ll look into.  Also look at an upgrade to the main theme for the main site in the near future as well.  As moving day is also closing in time is at a premium.  So I’ll get what I can done before the move.  The rest may have to wait just a bit.

7-16-2012 – Yep we are still here.  Updates went out flawlessly.  Or at least I’ve not heard any complaints.  Upgraded a few other items on board as well.  I’m considering a facelift for the site but that will happen after I do a personal relocation and my TEST Server can get back up and running.  Looking at moving it all to a permanent HOME!!  Or at very least PERM for these times.

06-18-2012 – Things have leveled out alot here.  Maybe I’ll get some time to get some posting done this week even.  Right now UPDATES!!!  The core system was updated today.  If you see things or find errors please let me know.  Several of the plugin’s have had updates as well to continue compatibility I suspect.  I’m considering a facelift in the very near future.  May move to one that seems to have alot more updates as well as is more MOBILE friendly so I can post on the go.  I may start testing it on another location first.  I’ll keep all updated as we go.

06-08-2012 – Life get’s in the way, some days. So I’ve not had much time as of late to BLOG here.  I’m in and out a bit more than I like but I’m hoping that will LEVEL out very soon.

05-23-2012 – Fixed a few things over the last few days with the looks of the login process on the main and the chatsite.  Not going to have much time over the LONG weekend to do much as I’ll be attending a funeral.  Update season is coming however and the next version of the software that run’s this place is coming.  If it breaks the Theme we will probably get a FACELIFT.  I’ve had one theme in mind for a while just need to take some time to look into what it will take to make it work here.  The chatsite is on it’s own theme that seems to be supported pretty well.  So that’s not going to change.  At some point I may give the main the FACELIFT but gotta find the time in my schedule to do so.  TOOOO much going on.

05-08-2012 – Update to the Login Process today.  If anyone has issue drop me a line.

05-04-2012 – With a bit of help from the security folks at the Hosting service and alot of reading on PHP errors and issues.  The weather room’s forecast is back up and working 100%.  I’m hoping to do some more with the formatting and design of both very very soon.

04-21-2012 – Security update appears to have gone off without a HITCH.  However major update is coming just around the corner.  So I’ll be watching on that one to see how things go with it before making the switch.

04-19-2012 – Ditched some user accounts that were linked to spammers.  Yep we do check existing accounts too from time to time.  Things should settle back into the posting grove again soon on the articles side.  I should have a bit more time to work with them as I’m gonna be holding down a new shift at the Operations Center.  Should give me a bit more time for Tech in the mornings as I used to have.  Looking forward to it too.

04-16-2012 – Style Sheet repair and header repair work to chatroom complete.  Our look and feel it back.  The Mobile version I can’t won’t say anything about yet.  I’ve not checked.

04-15-2012 – After the weather outbreak over the last 24 hours.  I have added even more information sources to the Weather Room.  I will be overhauling some of the Data and placing it on categorized pages so it’s easier to sort as we get more and more info collected there.  Added the Weather Radio Codes from NOAA for those in Oklahoma as this was requested many times thru out the latest storms.  This will make finding this quickly in the future is my hope.  Same with other data that I’ve been collecting here.  If there are things that you feel should be added please let me know and I’ll work on adding that.

04-13-2012 – Severe weather is upon Oklahoma over the next 24 hours.  I’m adding more animated Radar’s to the Weather Room as well as putting in a link for Watches and Warnings. Over the night as I’m up monitoring the weather for my family.  Listening for the tornado sirens overnight.

04-03-2012 – Severe weather in the area took out one of the circuit’s in the house.  So down to minimal computers for the next few days till we can trace where the issue is.  So going to be a day or so till I can get into the programming system I had my WeatherBackground Project stored on.  Release will happen after we get things back up and running in that room.  Hope to release it tomorrow evening, stay tuned.

03-31-2012 – Well work continues on the WeatherBackground project I’ve been working on for Windows 7.  Much has changed in one days time.  the VBS script worked well for retrieval but I really wanted to stay away from VBS.  So after a bit of searching I found a windows version of WGET that works well on Windows 7.  Spent part of the day adapting my scripts and doing a bit of comments getting ready to release version 1.0 of the project.  I’m hoping to before the weekend comes to an end.  I do have one issue at the moment that I’m chasing down, it has to do with some issues in the timer countdown script.  Working out the details in that for how to make things cleaner before I release this.  I did get the project working with an external Settings file.  This version unlike the XP version’s timer will run in a COMMAND Prompt window at this time.  As I have more time to work on it that too will evolve I’m certain.  I’ve hard coded updates to 5 MINS at this point, I hope to move that in to the settings file as well shortly.

03-30-2012 – Way too many things changing on the personal end of things to comment on.  First of all, seem to have found the source of the eye issue and well.  We are working on tackling that.  Working hard at the moment, and enjoying that.  Started some coding on a Windows 7 version of the weather background routine I have for XP.  Found a jewel that I’ve been able to use to accomplish it and working on the script at the moment before I publish all of it to the Library for final consumption.  Got all the elements working right now just have to get a timer with on screen countdown working, should be able to replicate some of that from the original html code.  After I get it complete I may give it a try on Windows 8.  The version I’m using involves an executable as well as a batch file and a vbs script.  May try at some point to boil all of it down to just one exe file.  However it’s my intention to release the code and details so others can learn from it.  If I have the time on Sunday it’s my goal to get it done.

03-22-2012 – Training ended… Getting back to my favorite site on the INTERNET.  Should be free a bit more to visit my OWN site and post the tech articles I love.  I’ve noticed alot of visits to specific articles on the site, and WOW!! 3000+ hits to one.  Guess we will have to keep bringing more and more like that to Technojunkyard.  I’m glad you enjoy it, I sure do.  At some point I’d like to find a way to help the site make some money to sustain itself LONG TERM.  Still looking for a method that’s not going to ruin the experience.  BTW it looks as if our spam filters have been working well sure glad to see that too.  Again if your an author contact me an we can discuss how you can contribute.

03-12-2012 – No news is GOOD NEWS.  Well sometimes, in this case a potential employer would have forced some changes to Tech.  We were not able to come to TERMS on my employment there, so will stay functioning and we continue.  I’m nearing the end of a Training session with my current employer that I won’t name.  So I should be back to the publishing of articles more to the level we were before I got started with them.  That and dealt with the allergy related eye issues as well so we should be back on track.  I will be starting the Transition phase of my employment in a work from Home role so I promise things will be picking back up here after this week again.  I’d love to hear from more writers, and bloggers and would love to see more folks that want to BLOG about technology.

03-08-2012 – Some changes possibly coming for the website.  Depending on what my status will be with an UNNAMED company.  I could be not blogging as much.  As of late due to some classes I’ve not been able to do nearly as much coverage as I have previously.  I’ll keep you updated and let you know what’s going to happen as we get ready to transition.  Also got the FACEBOOK share back up and working… I’ll be getting the Google+ one working next.

02-29-2012 – Added another Stop Spam resource to the Links list.  StopForumSpam.  Another really great site that anyone that is a webmaster should be monitoring before adding users to his/her site.

02-23-2012 – Ok so things are gonna be slow around here for the next couple weeks.  I’m going on contract with a firm to do some support work from home.  Training is going to be several weeks so while in that things around here could DRAG a bit however there are other author that can do a bit of posting.  As I have some time I’ll be putting some articles in as well.

02.13.2012 – Ok dang, it’s been a bit since I’ve put any news up here… Ok so here goes, moved a few things around on the mainsite.  Tag cloud is on the left side near the bottom now.  Put in a Translation tool for translating the entire website.  If you speak  another language let me know how it’s working.  It uses google translate, as we grow I may spring for the full plug in if it work well.  Added another Weather Map to the we weather radar Map’s, Mesonet’s map, used it plenty during the recent snow storm in Oklahoma plan on using it a bit during this years tornado season.

02.04.2012 – Started work on a new article yesterday.  This one will be my first for Mac OS X.  Since picking one up I have had a struggle to make it work with the existing networked computers and printer set up.  Solved it yesterday and after reading how so many have struggled to the same thing.  Figured time to get writing on how I solved my issue so it might help someone else.  I’ll be posting it on the Main page as well as in the Library.

02.02.2012 – Well the Old XP box finally gave up… Appears to be a failure of the primary SATA Drive.  Got a back up of the drive just before is finally stopped allowing access to the system.  I’ll run some drive diag’s on it before I toss it.  However spent most of the day getting Microsoft Office 2011 up and going and getting Outlook 2011 up on the Mac to take over Mail duties as well as moved the IPhone to it as well.  Both were key duties that had been tasked to the XP Pro unit.  Moved one of the Windows 7 units over as well to desk, it will be sharing it’s dual monitor set up with the Mac opening up a bit of space on the side desk.  Haven’t had much time today for News as this had kept me pretty busy getting everything moved and getting systems configured to handle everything.  Next will be to get an new desktop background and do a bit of installing programs that were on the XP unit on other systems so they can take over it’s load.  It will have to be brought back to life in some form so I can get access to the 1TB drive that was secondary in it.  To much data in one spot… SCARY!!

01.30.2012 – Took a few days personal time, but back at it today.  Dealt with a stubborn driver issue that was causing an older XP box to bluescreen.  Tracked it down and squashed, it and saved the Box from a formatal lobotimy…  All seems to be working ok with it, got a good backup image as well incase it blows up completely.  The box has served many years as my primary unit however run’s XP.  I’m slowly moving to my Windows 7 unit, using it more and more daily and the XP unit only get’s used for programs I can’t find or make work under windows 7.  Update 8:15am – Added a Follow us Tag to the site, so you can follow along with us on Several of the Social Media networks we push our articles out to.  Join us, Like us and suggest us to friends, so we can grow further.

01.25.2012 – A bit slow today with some updates due to a router outtage between our main location and the hosting company.  Worked way around it, so tomorrow will cover more.

01.20.2012 – Real life schedule changes coming in or around Feb. 6th.  Headed back to work with at a company from my past.  Don’t have final details but will let those that want to know get the details as they come in.  I’ve accepted the offer and will be returning there to make some needed cash.  The site will continue and I’m still committed to making it grow.  I’ve not made as many Postings in the last few days to be truthful due to the Blackout on the 18th and the 23rd.  As well as some issues I’ve been having with my eyes.  On good days I’m posting a bit more on the rougher days a bit less as it makes it hard to see to READ and EDIT.  More details on life as they develop.  UPDATE 4:31  Trying out a MOST Read Application on the Main Left Sidebar.  Not sure how well it will work out or how far back it will go for details but could get a bit more attention to the articles that are being posted now.

01.17.2012 – Real life calls today… Had some testing to get out of the way as well as rock chips so won’t be in till later.

01.12.2012 – Didn’t do much in the way of new posting today.  Had some other issues on the burner including installation of my Magic Mouse for the Mac.  I’m kindda diggin on it.  I promise I’ll be more attentive to stories and such tomorrow.

01.10.2012 –
Going to be Reshuffling some systems today looks like.  One of the Windows 7 Units isn’t getting used as much at my desk.  For those that have never seen my desk.  NO I won’t be putting a photo up as the time it would take to clean it to make it presentable would not be worth the phototime or exposure.  I’ll just say 2 Monitors to the Front, 2 Monitors 2 the side.  Friends have compared it to something Akin a Fighter Cockpit with all of the systems and Monitors.  I’ll be moving one of the Windows 7 boxes to the printer server role since the Mac just doesn’t like the XP unit that has been doing duty in this role for a while as well as providing life weather updates.   The mac takes up MUCH less room as well.  For those asking, I got a Used Mac Mini with Mac OS X Lion.  I had been threatening to get one for years since working for Apple a few years back on a contract.  I’ve been having alot of fun with this one so far.

01.09.2012 – Working in the office today on getting a Mac OS X Lion unit up and running on the internal network.  So far it’s been fairly easy, however printing from Lion to Printer hanging on an XP box has proved a snag.  I’ve found the OS quick and fairly easy to use out of the box.  However I’m an above average computer user.   More details later.

01.06.2012 – Ok so before someone says do you know the text on the Live Chat is larger than the others.  YEAH I DO!!  I changed it, saved it and flattened the original file and then FORGOT how I did it.  Ugh… So it’s gonna stay that way till I can remember how I changed it, or I find the old file.  Should be a few days till I want to deal with Photoshop again.  I’m NOT a graphics designer…  I’m sure one of them will pop up and say OH it’s just do this.  Simple and easy fix but my brain and doing that tonight.

01.05.2012 –
Alot of News updates in the last few days.  I’m looking into a method for bringing updated stories to the front and putting them back out in front of the news services that browse the site.  Doing more research on this.  You will also notice a LinkReferral on the Right side bar.  This is a service I subscribed to to try to drive a bit more traffic here.  We will see how it works out.  HOT NEWS!!  The Mobile feel for the Chatroom is now working!!  You can login now and chat from your Iphone, Ipad and Android devices and get a custom look and feel, that is optimized just for those units.

01.02.2012 – First News Post of the year.  Updated the bash script in the Library with some changes.  Found a small error that allowed for some duplicate lines in the IP Address output fixed that.  Added a few lines of additional code, it outputs a file called DenyHosts.ip, that can be cut and pasted into your .htaccess file to block access to your site by specified IP Addresses.   Just dropped the required wording into the script and output to the file.  You can do what you want with it from there.  Where am I headed with this script, not really sure yet.  Maybe a fully automated CRON, called script that will do this when server is booted as well as daily.

12.31.2011 – Happy NEW YEARS!! 
Just popped in quickly to check up on the site and do a bit of maintenance before the end of the year.  Yeah, yeah ARCHIVES!!  Also considering my next programming project for 2012.  I believe I’ll be working on the IPBlocking script a bit.  Allowing it’s output maybe to an .htaccess file or format.

12.20.2011 – Family related event’s have my attention today, as well as a trip later in the week.  So I’ll be in an out, however I’ll be checking in as I’ll be travelling and waiting on some family related news.  Those of you that need to reach me know how to.

12.18.2011 – Added a feature to track updated articles.  Many times there are updates to older articles and didn’t have a nice way to track or show those.  So listing the 2 latest updates on the Left Side bar for now till I come up with a better method.  Using date and time stamps to do so as well.  Right now it’s not uniform with recent posts below it but I’ll be working on that as well in the next couple weeks.

12.15.2011 – Welcome aboard BlkKnt as an editor for our staff at TechnoJunkyard.  He will be bringing with him some excellent article and expertise in Databases as well.  Watch for his article on comparison of the Ipad 2 with the Samsung Galaxy.

12.13.2011 – Ok so got bored this  morning and took a Dive in and did the UPDATE!  Let me know if you find any issues.

12.12.2011 – New version of software that drives this place is due out next week.  I’m not sure we will be UPDATING till after the 1st of the year with it however as I’m not going to have a ton of time before the holidays to run down the issues it may have with this place.  So watch and look for some interface changes happening just after the 1st of the year.  Hopefully the breakage will be small.  Started a new article on Firewalls yesterday, still in very EARLY stages if you have anything you’d like to pass along to me on them.  Let me know I’d love to add others information to it.

12.08.2011 – Been in full bloggin mode the last few days.  Not alot of time for much else, hoping to get a couple more writers started soon as well.  Seeing some interested in contributing and bit more from some that would be good, and I slow down a bit in my own postings.  However you know I won’t I love it.  I think I’m gonna do the monitor refirb after the holidays.  Take some pictures while I do it.

12.05.2011 – So still tweaking a bit with the Share feature.  Found one I like and works like it says it does.  At the same time it brings Google Translation service to the site so if a person is here with another native tough.  Submit the article to the Translator and it will change it automatically.  Unless something comes up unforeseen, this will be the final change I’ll be making to the Share Articles Feature.  I like how I have it configured now and seems to work well with all of the services I’d like to see the site shared one and if I missed one you want chances are it’s under the Addthis + and you can still access it.  Still doing the christmas thing in the chat room.  If you have a favorite.  Feel free to share.

12.03.2011 – Ok modification of the Google +1, Facebook Like and sharing button’s, yes I’m aware that they are all not on the same line YET.  I didn’t like how the old application was posting extra JUNK in the Facebook shares.  So did a bit of work on that this morning.  Appears to all be working but the Alignment of the button’s.  I’ll tackle that when I’m ready to dig in the code a bit.  Been a bit under the weather here the last few days so don’t feel like I got alot done around here.  Now that I can see again… Maybe I can get back to my coding.

12.02.2011 – Spent some time yesterday evening testing Norton’s new Internet Security Suite for 2012.  Worked pretty well on Windows 7.  System was a midlevel computer with 1/2 the max amount of memory.  The system saw no performance issues, worked well.  However when I tested it on a XP Pro box, good CPU for it’s time and FULLY LOADED with memory.  It BOGGED the boot down and did show some noticeable system degradation.  Posted about it in the Library, will post more details there later today.  Update 9:11AM  Added a couple additional Links to the Links Section.  Specifically some of the more useful sites for using to run a Website.  The Links section will be getting a facelift somewhere looking like that of the Library.  It’s on my GROWING to do list.

11.30.2011 – What am I working on… As of late not alot.  Had other fish to fry as they say.  Dealing with a REAL Life fence and selling some items to fund the repair so we don’t break our budget.

11.27.2011 – Doing a bit of reorganization of the CODEBASE to help with the page rank in the browsers.  Hoping a few tweaks here and there and spending some time learning about SEO will help to raise the STAT RANKS a bit and dive some more traffic in.  UPDATE 4:52pm Got some suggested changes done.  Thanks Grant McWilliams for the suggestions and hoping that this will work a bit better with the Search Engines.  I realize there is always something to be done and it’s always going to be a work in progress to tweak modify and keep ahead of changes.    Speaking of Changes next version of the foundation that this place is built on it coming up SOON.  I’ll be upgrading and hopefully nothing critical will BREAK but if it does I’ll be working on correcting it as quickly as I can.

11.26.2011 – Spent the last few days adding different livestreams to the Chatroom.  Today put in the Launch of the New Mars Science Lab.  Testing and playing with the features.  Chat is still having some issues with the LOGIN via the mobile interface.  I’ll be contacting the author for some support on that issue as I’d like to have mobile support in there as it’s been something we have used in older versions of the chatroom.  Over the thanksgiving holiday we had LiveStreaming from the Macy’s parade was nice to have NO commercial interruptions, via Earthstream for that live event.  Using these streams we can do some live microblogging during LIVE events we wish to cover.

– Did some work in the Chatroom today.  You may notice from time to time a Sticky Video in there as we like share what we may be watching at the moment.  Your posts to the chatroom will appear below that video.  We will remove the video after we are thru with the Live Event or Video.  Hope you enjoy!!

11.22.2011 – Experimenting with a Moving TAG cloud, would love some feedback on it do you like it?  Does it slow you down on the website?  Would you prefer a listing with all of the TAGS in the traditional format?  Would like to hear back from you.

11.21.2011 – Short week this week but I’ll be here thru out it.  Sorry nothing over the last few days.  Took a early break and went touring Dallas Texas for a couple days.  Maybe next trip I’ll take some TECH related photo’s of one of the FASTEST Growing TECH markets in the US.

11.18.2011 – Doing a bit of work on a computer system of a user, that appears to have gotten hit by the Apple Towson Hack.  Did a bit of background research on it appears to be something on APPLES end of things.  To be safe the system is getting a FULL Sweep with all of the Malware and Virus Tools.  One then that a podcast I’ve been listening to on the subject said.  It make sure your ITunes account has a different password than the REST of your accounts on the internet.  Ok that’s fine, if you don’t have many but if your dealing with Password overload like some folks I know PERSONALLY who have in excess of 25 passwords just for work to remember.  Umm… That’s a bit daunting to add even more.  A secure solution to this issue is something that I think is time.

11.17.2011 – Router work today, not alot of time for much else.  Successfully unbricked a Netgear Router and back to it’s OLD firmware. Now trying to work out what Open Source Router Software will work correctly on it.  I’ve been a fan for a long time of DD-WRT it doesn’t seem to play well with this unit.  I’ll keep working at it today until my brain is done.  Update 6:26pm I forgot to post here, I WON!!  The reroute gave up and let me change out it’s Brains.  No longer a NetGear 3500U/L   It’s a DD-WRT Wireless N Super Router.   Seriously it was alot of working first unbricking then selecting 2 sets of firmware and downgrading and upgrading a couple times.  I’m testing it in a secondary role right now may move it into the primary use position if I see no issues with it.  Someone might ask how’s this affect Technojunkyard…   Well I do use a testing system at home that I make alot of my changes and do coding on before I put them up here.  So that and the wireless speed boost I can now enjoy posting from my Mini Portable.

11.16.2011 – Spent better part of the day yesterday well dealing with an issue alot of us with FLAT Panel monitors know.  Picture for 10 seconds then BLACK on one of my primary monitors.  Luckily I have a few spares around in the office.  So was able to swap it out.  However this being the 2nd one that gone to this as of late.  I did some research on it and it appears it just needs about 13.00 worth of capacitor’s replaced.  So I’ll be doing that as a project soon.  I’ll try to take some photo’s as I do it and post some about it in the projects section.  Need to get the part’s ordered first then I’ll be on to the project.  If the first one goes well, I’ll be doing a 2nd one.  This is also how I recently got initiated to doing laptops about a year or so ago.  Had one go down so gutted it and rebuilt it.

11.15.2011 – Note to self, NEVER try to write an article before your coffee.  You’ll spend for ever rewriting it.  Spent the last couple days, not doing as much work on the site, but doing more blog work and putting more content into the main sites articles.  I’ve also been looking around and like minded sites in hopes to exchange links with them and who knows maybe even get a few to write here as well.  So if you know a like minded blogger who loves technology and would like to write a bit.  SEND him/her my way and I’d love to let them go crazy with articles.  Looking back on my notes here, has it only been just over 1 month since we set up shop here.  Seems like longer, I’m excited and hopeful this project will grow into something very very large and fun. UPDATE 5:53pm Ummm.. Yeah didn’t get a ton done today did I!! :) Needing a few days break, I’ll be blogging more the next few days and hanging out in the Chatroom with whoever stops in.

11.12.2011 – Started some testing on a Mobile look in the Chatroom.  Anyone that does have a smart phone let me know what you see and what is working and not.  So far I’ve had my own issues with getting the Login to work there and am planning on contacting support group on it.  Those of you that can, consider trying it with a Plugin Called UserAgent for firefox.  Will give you a look at it in other modes, if you don’t own an Iphone, Android, iPad or Tablet.  Thanks for any feed back in advance.

11.11.2011 – Yep we survived 11.11.11!  Took most of the day off for the yearly remembering that I’m still circling the sun.

11.10.2011 – Work on site continues, thanks MATT, who found an over site on the background of the chatroom so fixed this in the wee morning hours.  Nearly ready to implement 2 newsections in the WeatherRoom.. You can see the formatting and parts in place but NO LINKS just yet.  I’m working on Shortcode and Plugin’s to implement this, nothing like learning alot of new skills… :) UPDATE 12:40pm LINKS ARE IN! Shortcode and Plugin implemented, now to work on getting the formatting down on the Forecast data.  After that I’ll start working on customized version of the Current weather hoping to have it target’s the weather where the user comes from much like that of the Forecast. UPDATE 1:19pm Well something is muxing the GeoCode conversion in the New PLUGIN.  Pulled forecast offline till I can figure it out. UPDATE 4:02pm Appears the new plugin is working for some but not others. I put it back in use this afternoon and will continue to TRACK down why this little monster isn’t responding like is should be. I may put in a bit of debugging to try to get some info back on what the issue may be at some point. For now it’s in place and running.

11.09.2011 – Chatroom is back up, I’ve turned the Login’s back on.  Now that all is back in working status.  Updated the Error pages on the chatroom to match the main sites look and feel.  Got a few other things to tweak and fix up there.  UPDATE 12:29PM Well after better part of the morning, cleaning up some more CSS in the chatroom and BREAKING it and repairing it a couple times.  I’m gonna let it lay for another little bit.  I need to sort out some of the CSS for the font coloring for posting.  Much of this Theme has alot of things tied together rather than like that of the Parent Theme.  So trying to get the two to match up has been a bit of a challenge.  Once the Main Body of the Chatroom is complete I’ll begin work on an Iphone variant of it so those with Mobile Devices can join in as well, when they are out and about.  I did try using a PLUGIN a bit back that said it could do this but found that some security websites said it was compromised. UPDATE 1:47PM Banner in chatroom issue NO LONGER and issue.. Fixed!!

11.08.2011 – Experimenting a bit with some Who’s Online program’s especially for those using the chatroom.  We had a good group in yesterday during the Bad weather.  Hope to see more over time in there.  I want to removed the Your IP display I wrote and put in due to the fact it was meant for testing purposes mainly to implement the upcoming version of my weather changes.  However I did add the locale new stations links in the weather room.  Not likely to be removing those as during times of weather folks outside the area like to be able to look in on how we are doing and makes for a fast link. UPDATE 4:00PM Chatroom was down for a while.  Appears to have been some server maintenance again.

11.07.2011 – Good group joining up in the chatroom today.  Group I’ve chatted with over the years called the Oklahoma Hangout.  Nan and Angie are acting as Editors in the chatroom.  Welcome folks and hope you enjoy!!! UPDATE 6:36pm Didn’t get as much done today as I hoped as my attention was off with the Severe weather we had in the area and will until Noon tomorrow.

11.04.2011 – Testing a new item on the Front page that displays a users IP, and some other information that the server has the ability to collect on each person that visits.  As well as logs.  Figured since it’s logging it why not set up a display method.  As well as completed some work on how to gather a latitude and longitude from an IP address as well.  That will be going in to the NEXT Project, an IP specific WeatherRoom.  That’s going to take alot more coding but will be nice when it’s done.

11.03.2011 – GASP more behind the scenes coding on what I think will make a nice feature when it’s complete.  I won’t go into details on it till it’s DONE.  But PHP, XML have become alot of my focus over the last few days.  However I did get a call from an old friend that needed to clean up his COMPUTER!!  Got to work on it with him over the phone and found the library here to be useful in it.  Saved me alot of time getting the programs.  Wish I was getting paid for it.  Opened the LINKS section.  I’ll be placing more locations in there as time comes.

11.02.2011– Coding alot in the WEEEE Hours 1:30am. Wrote a Page that will parse a specific NWS XML page. Working on details on how to embed this in the weatherroom. Learning more than I really wanted to about XML, XSL, and CSS to get all of this to work. After I get the current conditions up I may be up to working on the Location ID. Yeah I know I’m reinventing the wheel but when the wheel you buy hasn’t got all the nice shiny chrome ya gotta MILL your OWN!!

11.01.2011 – Not alot going on here till after 2:00pm central time, having to run around a bit today out of the office and off to get a check up with the surgeon.  So any work here will have to wait till after then.  We survived Halloween!!  Which is ALWAYS good, watch for a new link in the Library about how to set up a Weather Background on systems, coming later this afternoon.

10.31.2011 – Added 2 scripts to the projects folder.  One script I wrote and one I modified for use on my own PERSONAL Apache Server that I utilize for Testing on my HOME network.  Enjoy!! 3:00pm UPDATE Local network, work day.  Did some update work and some testing on my local Apache server.  Also did a bit of testing on Ubuntu 11.10 on that box.  Considering an update, and migration to that version from the 10.04.  Thankful for removable DRIVES on that server.  Sure makes the testing and upgrade process easier.  Also getting a Gigabit Router ready to upgrade and possibly replace one of my other many other units through out the house with this one.  Spent some time doing the research on what FIRMWARE will be needed to accomplish this.

10.30.2011 – Tightening security a bit more today, changing things around a bit more.  More fun and games it appears over night.  Cleaned it up and some more JUNK around the place, in hopes to tighten things up a bit more and make the blog a bit more secure.  Added the Login and Registration back to the sidebar again.

10.28.2011 – More new content added to Library, I get asked alot of times what I run for Virus protection and to sweep for Malware so wrote up 2 articles that include some of the products I’ve used and prefer.  It’s not meant to be a Ranking of All inclusive list just the products I’ve used and believe in.  I’ll be adding more and more articles in the Library as we go along.  I believe in sharing knowledge on what folks know and how to remove things.  Also as others join that have knowledge they will also be published in that location as well. 5:00PM Added several more categories as well as links to several more pieces of software.  I’ll be updating more in this area over the next little bit.  Trying to build some quality content in the Library and useful links to items folks are asking about.

10.27.2011 – CSS facelift is underway in the chatroom.  Got a bit more done that I expected yesterday and hope to get more accomplished there today maybe even get it DONE!!  Library got it’s first completion this morning of the draft I was working on yesterday as well as 2 additional entries that all 3 will ultimately get group into a smaller heading leaving the main page there easier to search through. 11:51AM Didn’t get far on the CSS, but got the WeatherRoom updated. Both static and animated radar images are in and set on a 300 second timer to refresh to keep up todate I may TWEAK this a bit later. Still looking for a GOOD WeatherForecast, I don’t like most of the Plug in types as they only like the sidebar. I may have to Code something of my own using the NWS information at some later point.

10.26.2011 – Some friendly assistance from an unknown source uncovered a security HOLE.  This morning, tracked and logged the IP and had the site back up in 30 MINS.  Thanks to Matt for the assist on this as well uncovering some of this.  Removed some Plug-In’s that were suspect and will do a bit more investigation on what or how the attempt was made and may restore them over time.  For now back to the basic method of Login.  Upate 3:30pm After another short outtage this afternoon I’m sure hoping that host is getting back up on it’s FEET. The Library is OPEN now I’m still working on a Clean up check list for cleaning a Computer and getting it to run better.  Enjoy!!  During a bit of the down time, took some time to spruce up the header also.  Made it active as well click on it to go HOME!  I’ll be moving this over to the chatroom as well later this afternoon.  Texted with Nathan he informed me that the host had lost a drive last night as well as several hosted accounts had been hit.  Hopefully things are hardened enough to keep them out.

10.25.2011 – Chat is OPEN, and Registration is open for it as well.  Thanks to Angie for her help testing it this morning and making sure that it refreshes as it is supposed to.  Yes I know it needs to get a FACELIFT to match that of the entire site.  But I’ve been knee deep in CSS most of this week and wanted to AVOID IT.  I promise I’ll get back to it soon.  Until then enjoy it.  Those that are NEWLY Registering you will be given enough access to REPLY to the current threads but NOT CREATE a new one.  Unless you are know personally higher access won’t be given out so please don’t ask.

10.24.2011 – Ok so got the Ajax Login in the sidebar working correctly and you can see the characters typed now in the password correctly.  Still have some work to do and some more digging to do to get the same issue resolved in the Registration screen.  However it does work you just can’t see the . you type for each character cause it’s a white on white issue.  It has to do with a DEFAULT style that is overriding anything else.  Even the RAW code.  So I’ll have to work to find this one.  Once it’s in it will be implemented to the Chatroom as well.  2PM UPDATE: Still no joy on the pass fix, contacting author of the Ajax code for assistance.  However I did get CUSTOM Avatar’s in and working.  I’ll move that over ot the Chatroom as well.

10.23.2011 – More work underway in the WEE Hours of the morning.  Did a bit of work in the WeatherRoom.  Added 2 Embedded Weather Radar’s both pointed at the Oklahoma City area.  As the weather season get’s nasty for a bit here.  Having quick access to these will make it easier on those of us in this area to look up things.  My future desire will be to make this fully configurable for the person that is loggin in there so you can see what’s in YOUR area.  Also working a bit on the Login and Registration Process.  Trying to make it easier and all from ONE PAGE.  This will also be implemented on the Chatroom once I have the style sheet working right.  Currently you can’t see what your typing in the text post of the Password.  I’ll be working on that today to remedy that.

10.22.2011 – Chatroom Facelift is still underway, nearly have all the color working correctly, font style and colors will be next.  You will be required to Register to post in there for the present however I may change that in time.  UPDATE: All current and existing users have been added to the chat room.  All future users will need to create logins to gain access.  We are still researching a method so that the userdata from the main blog will be automatically updated into the Chatroom.  At this time I’ve not found a method that is working.  Stay tuned I’m sure that too will get remedied as we go.  Most of the Facelift has been completed however alot of work still is to be done.  The LOGIN Screen Facelift on both the BLOG as well as on the Chatroom and the Fonts still need a bit of conversion and a couple of the Boxes as well.

10.21.2011 – Well today was a research day.  Not alot in the main BLOG but alot of information learned for what I want to do for the NEXT improvement.  THE CHATROOM! I found some things that I think will work well and better for a LIVE-REALTIME chat experience.  Something I’ve wanted to use with this since I started up the blog.  I’ll make an announcement when it’s up and ready.

10.20.2011 – After a bit of exploration and google exploring on the codes THEME!  I discovered how to remove the reply comments from the Pages that I didn’t want folks posting comments on.  Thanks to Johnhoole’s site.. spelled it out pretty well there.  I’m finding that I’m really enjoying this theme and just how much you can do with it.  I’m certain over time I’ll tweak it more and more.

10.19.2011 – Well the Google +1 is in!!! YEAH!  You can now +1 the articles you like or enjoy.  I’ve been doing more article bloggin this week than working on the site.  Some of the things I need to fix or want to fix are going to take a bit of TIME to put in place now.  Still waiting on word for the weatheroom.  It’s author said maybe the feature I have been waiting for would be in the NEXT version of his Plugin.  Well after
UPDATE: It’s missing again.  I think it’s an error in the plugin with sharethis.  The FBLike and Google+ seem to only pop up when they feel like it.  Hope they get this resolved soon.

10.17.2011 – Thought we had our fix in place for the WeatherRoom but come to find out, the new UPDATE to the Plugin Dropped the very feature we were using it for.  So we will continue to look around for more options.  3 last graphics will go into today, without specific links.  I’m moving a bit slower on all of this right now due to some Surgery over last week.  So while I’m healing up changes and blogs will appear a bit slower.  UPDATE: First of the final slider panels are in.  They are linked to a default link to the main website until we are ready to OPEN those areas which could take me a bit to get done.  I wanted to get these in so all of the slider panels are up and functional however.

10.11.2011 – Opened the place up, got the Registration system working and tested.  Thanks to Heidi, Dave and Ryan for the Assist on getting that right.  Also got the Profile Pics up and working.  For those wanting to change theirs. put in your email you used here and your password you used here.  You’ll be presented with the Forms to UPLOAD a photo and then CROP it. Updated and fixed the issue with the Recent Posts on sidebar. Added Graphics to it as well as got a style sheet configured for it. Modification of the WeatherRoom is underway. First of several Additions in there is already in place. Also added a Weather Widget to the Sidebar that will give the current conditions for where the USER is from. Watch for MORE coming soon.

10.10.2011 – Sliding Menus, Graphics and Menus are partial in.  I’m sure I’ll change these over time.  The WeatherRoom and ChatRoom have been converted and put in place.  Looking for some BETTER content for both of these items.  If you have a better suggestion let me know.  Custom Error messages are now in place and updated the TAGS and Categories from IMPORTED Data.  Share’s implemented as well.

10.09.2011 – TechnoJunkyard is BORN!!  Replacing old code and the 2 sites we used to make the Junkyard and combined them into ONE.  We hope you enjoy it and will pardon the mess as we get everything moved in.  We are maintaining one remote server to TEST things that will be implemented on this site over time.

10.07.2011 – New Webhosting Service provider

04.13.2011 – Implementation of NEW Error pages, as well as better logging and enforcement.

03.21.2011 – Began implementation of Weather page. Link is live watch for additions.

01.25.2011 – Replaces Chatserver with new server supporting inbedded Videos and Audio. Places it on it’s own page and scrapped some old JAVASCRIPT code.

08.02.2010 – Network restored to new server at new location. Updates took place and network activity restored to website and other services after nearly a week outtage. Still several other systems to restore to the network as we are still setting up at new location.

07.17.2010 – Discovered a Javascript issue with IE. So working on squashing that. Did first long distance test in the chat client. As well as enabled the passwords on it and on it’s broadcast to make it more secure. More work to come.

07.15.2010 – Opened a couple more sections today trying to come up with more material for each one. Of course they will change over time.

07.14.2010 – Chatserver came online providing, text, video and voice chat services. Thanks Grant and Madshark for helping me test the voice and text. Madison helped run additional tests on voice and video.

07.13.2010Junkyard2k10, launched, we had our first visitors on this day as well.