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Updated: 09-24-13

This page on our site serves the purpose for placing a list of Links we find worth Mentioning and don’t want to clutter up our sidebars on the MAIN Page.  Places of mention or places we have found that we go to often and many times don’t have with us when we are away from our Mobile Units or on someone else’s system.  Got any others you’d like to suggest.  Drop me a line at my address on the about page and I’ll review it and pop it in the list here.

Emergency Links

Radio Reference – The link I have set here for the Oklahoma City area.  I utilize this during our Tornado season and Fire seasons.  Very useful if you don’t own a scanner and need to listen to what’s happening with the Emergency around you.  Check your metro area for scanner frequencies of your own.  Very useful as you can have SEVERAL of these open at one time.

Making Cables

Making Ethernet Cables  –  Yep you know it you can save money making your own custom cables.  Here’s how with PHOTO’s to follow along.


So after seeing a site and some video’s with some program’s written by an 8 year old.  I think it’s time to compile a few tools that can help teach the next generation the skills needed to program.

Scratch Imagine, Program, Share.  It seems simple enough that many YOUNGER children are writing imaginative programs and sharing them with others.  I’ll be trying this one out myself just for the fun of it and see what creativity I can get out of my Daughter with it as well.

Software Links – Great place to get several of your applications or software to install on someones system.  When your out remote and don’t want to visit a ton of sites to get it all.  Get them all in one INSTALLER download and RUN.  Just that simple.  OH and they make sure it’s all CLEAN before they offer it up.

Software Vulnerability

National Cyber Alert System – The government seeing that growing list of vulnerabilities in software as well as technical and security issues.  Created a great repository of information regarding the latest in Resources, Alerts and Activity.  This is all very useful in protecting either your personal, business or others computer equipment.  You can even have a weekly bulletin emailed to you from their website.  Very useful for those with an interest in computer security.

Website Administration

Time to put in a list of tools that I’m finding useful for website Administration.  There are many out there but these are some I’ve found good enough to mention. – Helping Block Site Spammers BEFORE they spam!  Useful for checking those NEW user registration accounts.   If you find them on this list, chances are they are going to be something you’d rather not mess with.  IP Block/Peer Block them before they get started.  Our Akismet application, checks for Spam as well but if you can stop the worst offenders before they get started.  Good idea!!

Stop Forum Spam – Another great site and service for keeping track of the spammer’s.  This is growing trend in sites is to share information regarding those that are spamming and block them before it occurs.

IP Address Tracer – Useful for tracking down information regarding a user that you may need to take action against.  This application also has some useful purposes for Mashup’s as well as Geolocation info for Applications built around a visitors IP Address.


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