Library List

Library Updated 02.28.2015

Welcome to our Library, here we have include some things that seem to help others and have been requested to be put online to share knowledge on getting things done.  Hope you enjoy it and if you don’t see something you let us know or you’d like to share, send it in and we will store it here.

NOTE: If you are having issues and want us to provide a remote cleaning or assistance with your system.
Please leave me a message via the contact form leave your name, phone number and best time to contact you.

Windows Library

Cleanup Checklist – Clean up that slow system.

Cool Software – Several Programs I like using on my systems

Firefox Reset – Clean up and Reset your Firefox if it running poorly.

Malware/Spyware Protection – List of several programs I use.

Remote Assistance – Programs you can use to remote into computer.

System Information – Programs to gather information about your computer before doing repair or making changes.

System Optimization – Programs I use to clean up sluggish computers.

Virus Protection – List of several programs I use.

WeatherApps – List of some of the Weather Related Apps I use.

WeatherBackground [XP/VISTA/Windows 7/Windows 8] – Realtime Weather Radar on your Desktop from your choice of Weather Radar Locations.  2.0 COMING SOON!

Wireless – List of Wireless information and App’s that I use.  NEW!!

Mac OS X Library

Add Handoff and Airdrop  – [OS X 10.10] To your older MAC’s running OS X

AdwareMedic – [Mac running Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later] Scan your Mac for Adware/Malware

Mac Virus/Malware FAQ – Great Guide to Mac Viruses and malware as well as suggestions for protection.

iOS Library
Remote Control for iTunes [iPhone/iPad] Great and Useful for control of your iTunes library, using your iDevice as a remote control.

MultiOS Library

Prey[Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS] Prey lets you keep track of your laptop, phone and tablet whenever missing, whether you’re in town or abroad. Open source, proven software with hundreds of documented recoveries all around the world.

OtherStuff Library
20 Practical Uses For Coke – Ok so here are some uses for an everyday beverage folks like to drink.

Norse IP Viking Live – Realtime mapping and graphical representation of attacks ongoing on the internet.

Tweetping – Tweetping’s map shows Tweets in real-time across the globe, with the individual tweets popping up on the map for the briefest of split seconds before disappearing, only to replaced by dozens more. Heat maps display the parts of the globe with the most activity. Compiled stats at the bottom show hard numbers about where those 140-character bursts are coming from, as well as the last-logged @mentions and hashtags.

Useful Unix/Linux/BSD Commands – Collection of useful commands from Unix/Linux/BSD