Hacker Battle Escalates between Israeli and Saudi Hackers


A war of words and website hacks appears to be underway between Israeli and Saudi hackers.
The Battle lines appear to be growing over, a hacker known as xOmar 0, who claimed to be part of the Saudi hacking group Group-XP, that released credit card numbers and other sensitive information he’d stolen affecting some 400,000 Israelis. The Israeli banks affected, however, said the total number of people involved was only about 14,000.

Next in retaliation for the Group-XP hack, a group of Israeli hackers said Monday that they’d hacked into multiple Saudi e-commerce websites and stolen credit card details on thousands of customers. “At the moment, we’re holding on to the information and waiting for the right moment to publish it,” according to a statement released by the group. But it said that “if the leaks continue, we will cause severe damage to the privacy of Saudi citizens,” reported China Radio International.

On Tuesday, Ayalon’s warning against anyone who hacked Israeli organizations had led a group of self-described Arab hackers–one hailing from the “Gaza HaCKeR Team”–to deface Ayalon’s personal website Tuesday with protest images, reported China’s official Xinhua news service, based on an interview with Ayalon’s media advisor, Ashley Perry. Perry said the non-defaced site was restored in less than an hour.

Source: Informationweek