GPS Saves the World — But Who’ll Save GPS?


  GPS Saves the World — But Who’ll Save GPS? |

Simply a great article regarding some of the challenges that GPS is facing.  The article brings to light the challenge that LTE networks interfere with GPS.  This was confirmed by source that I know personally that works in this industry.  I won’t say who or what network, but he confirmed that his company KNEW of the issue and deployed their own network against the wishes of the military.  The military has long known of the issue and asked the carrier not to deploy the LTE network until something could be done about the issue.  The need for speed and more profit won out.  Ultimately this will hurt the carrier in government contracts that will be certain.

UPDATE 7:52am So after reading the Wired article and remember my conversation with my source.  I did a small bit of research on the subject this morning.  I ran across this article posted on CNET.  LightSquared appears to have solved the GPS issue but it’s going to cost a bit of money to implement.  This is a subject worth keeping up on.  As it affects many aspects of our lives now.  Aviation and Transportation now rely alot on GPS, as well as the many of us that use this in our daily lives.  This issue is much like the issue that law enforcement dealt with as wireless and cordless phone’s began crowding them and causing many not to be able to use their Radio’s to communicate in crowded markets.  Ultimately this issue caused a realignment of the Spectrum.