Robot "Rollin Justin" now catches 2 Balls at a time.

Rollin’ Justin @ CeBit – Engadget

DLR’s new hit Robot Rollin’ Justin is an IMPRESSIVE new robot. His latest Trick is “Catching Flying Balls and Preparing coffee.

Hizook has covered Rolling Justin before, as he has began his evolution.  Since his debut at CeBit he seems to be learning more than just taking commands, he now can Dance, Catch 2 Flying balls thrown in his direction, and Prepare Coffee.

This Robot is showing alot of promise as it’s makers seem to be adding newer and newer features and teaching it to do more.

Here is the Original DLR Handout back in 2008 of Justin it has alot of photo’s as well as information about the Robots Footprint.

Source: Hizook, ICRA, Engadget