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Added Stop CISPA Banners to Mainsite as well as the Chatroom.  Please support this movement your FREEDOM and Websites around the world depend on you Speaking up for FREEDOM.

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The Copyright Alert System: How the New “Six Strikes” Anti-Piracy Program Works

This week marks the rollout of the long delayed “Copyright Alert System” aka the six strike anti-piracy program. It’s a bit confusing at a glance, but it’s not nearly as powerful as you’d think. Here’s how the system works, how … Continue reading

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New Radar Loop Added

To the WeatherRoom. With spring weather coming and the recent snow in the state. I’ve updated some of the links in the WeatherRoom. To access it, click on the Weather Door at the top.

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Could Google Glass be planning on replacing your glasses altogether?

The excitement surrounding Google Glass is unlike any product since the iPad, especially when you consider that it’s most likely we’re still nearly a year away from a commercial release. The hardware is an incredible concept made real, but Google … Continue reading

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Next Kinect Sensor Spec’s

Launched in November 2010, the Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor set a world record for the fastest selling consumer electronic device, selling ten million units in its first four months alone. Natural user interface (NUI) experiences using Kinect have proved a … Continue reading

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NASA: Near Earth Object Program Close Approaches

With today’s CLOSE encounter at hand.  Some may be asking… Is the the only close encounter we have had recently with Objects?  The Answer is NOPE!!   Here is the most recent list that NASA is tracking.

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VueToo – Asteroid 2012 DA14 Situation Page

VueTOO is offering LIVE coverage of the Asteroid as it passes. Animated Set of Three Images shown from Feb 14 observation by the Faulkes Telescope South in Australia. Here’s the viewing schedule: Noon ET: NASA plans to start streaming … Continue reading

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Chatroom Update

Chatroom has NOW been customized so that ONLY Registered Users and LOGGED in users can be in there.  This is the best method I know of to keep scrapers and bots out.  Also give us a bit of Privacy in … Continue reading

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Cybercrime Network Based in Spain Is Broken Up

MADRID — Europol, the European police agency, said Wednesday that it had dismantled one of the most efficient cybercrime organizations to date, led by Russians who had managed to extort millions of euros from online users across more than 30 … Continue reading

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Photoshop is IRAN’s friend, as it’s used to make their HomeGrown Fighter look like it’s Flying.

Iran’s homegrown, radar-evading stealth fighter jet is flying the very cinematic skies according to Khouz News, a small Iranian news website, as the nation’s defense minister continues to fend off the non-believers as false news/Western propaganda. Well, we’ve got news for … Continue reading

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