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Added Stop CISPA Banners to Mainsite as well as the Chatroom.  Please support this movement your FREEDOM and Websites around the world depend on you Speaking up for FREEDOM.

The Copyright Alert System: How the New “Six Strikes” Anti-Piracy Program Works

This week marks the rollout of the long delayed “Copyright Alert System” aka the six strike anti-piracy program. It’s a bit confusing at a glance, but it’s not nearly as powerful as you’d think. Here’s how the system works, how it’ll affect you, and everything else you need to know.    (more…)

New Radar Loop Added

To the WeatherRoom. With spring weather coming and the recent snow in the state. I’ve updated some of the links in the WeatherRoom. To access it, click on the Weather Door at the top.

Could Google Glass be planning on replacing your glasses altogether?

The excitement surrounding Google Glass is unlike any product since the iPad, especially when you consider that it’s most likely we’re still nearly a year away from a commercial release. The hardware is an incredible concept made real, but Google has taken every opportunity to remind everyone that Glass as we see it now is far from its final form. A recent patent application gives us a peek into what that might look like, and if the designs are any indicator of the future you’ll likely be replacing your glasses with generation two. (more…)

Next Kinect Sensor Spec’s

Launched in November 2010, the Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor set a world record for the fastest selling consumer electronic device, selling ten million units in its first four months alone. Natural user interface (NUI) experiences using Kinect have proved a compelling and inspiring feature of this console generation. Durango provides the opportunity to push innovative NUI further. Every Durango console will come with a next-generation Kinect sensor. Developers can integrate Kinect functionality, confident that it provides a great experience for all Durango users. (more…)

VueToo – Asteroid 2012 DA14 Situation Page

VueTOO is offering LIVE coverage of the Asteroid as it passes.


Animated Set of Three Images shown from Feb 14 observation by the Faulkes Telescope South in Australia.


Here’s the viewing schedule:

Noon ET: NASA plans to start streaming near-real-time imagery of the asteroid’s flyby, as provided by telescopes in Australia and Europe, weather permitting. Watch JPL video on Ustream.

2 p.m. ET: To mark the time of closest encounter, NASA will present a half-hour program with commentary from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The show will feature computer animations as well as any live or near-real-time imagery that becomes available from telescopes in Australia. Watch video on or Ustream. ( also plans to stream the show.)

3:15 p.m. ET: The Bareket Observatory in Israel says it will air a three-hour webcast featuring imagery from the flyby. Static images of the asteroid and its celestial surroundings will be refreshed every 30 to 60 seconds. Watch Bareket’s webcast.

5 p.m. ET: The Virtual Telescope Project 2.0 will present live video of the asteroid flyby from a telescope in Italy, weather permitting. Video site: Watch Virtual Telescope Project’s webcast.

6 p.m. ET: Weather permitting, the Clay Center Observatory in Massachusetts will stream real-time, high-definition video from 6 p.m. ET until 4 a.m. ET Saturday. Watch Clay Center video on Ustream.

9 p.m. ET: Slooh Space Camera plans to present several live shows about the asteroid flyby, accompanied by expert commentary. Weather permitting, imagery will be beamed to Slooh HQ from telescopes on the Canary Islands and in Arizona. Watch the show on

9 p.m. ET: A video feed of the flyby from a telescope at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center will be streamed for three hours. During the live-streaming event, viewers can ask researchers questions about the flyby via Twitter or the Ustream chat window. Watch Marshall’s Ustream channel.
Source: NBCNews, VueToo

Chatroom Update

Chatroom has NOW been customized so that ONLY Registered Users and LOGGED in users can be in there.  This is the best method I know of to keep scrapers and bots out.  Also give us a bit of Privacy in that area.  Remember if you want to be in the Chatroom you have to REGISTER SEPARATELY !!! (Something I hope to fix at some point as well down the road)

Cybercrime Network Based in Spain Is Broken Up

MADRID — Europol, the European police agency, said Wednesday that it had dismantled one of the most efficient cybercrime organizations to date, led by Russians who had managed to extort millions of euros from online users across more than 30 countries — mostly European — by persuading them to pay spurious police fines for abusive use of the Internet.  (more…)

Photoshop is IRAN’s friend, as it’s used to make their HomeGrown Fighter look like it’s Flying.

Iran’s homegrown, radar-evading stealth fighter jet is flying the very cinematic skies according to Khouz News, a small Iranian news website, as the nation’s defense minister continues to fend off the non-believers as false news/Western propaganda. Well, we’ve got news for him: The only technological miracle in this alleged flight of the Qahar 313 fighter over Mount Damavand is that someone appears to have upgraded to Photoshop CS6 since the last copy-and-paste job went viral: (more…)