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Video: Phoenix Rising, Darpa Satellite Repurposing

Recent updates on the Phoenix program, indicate Darpa aims to create a new network of communications satellites by sending up robots to harvest body parts from old communications satellites. Insert space zombie joke here.*

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Wave Powered Energy Moves Forward.

Wave energy backers in Oregon – who hope to see the state become the center for the technology’s development in the US – were celebrating on Friday. 

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No Longer Legal to UNLOCK your Mobile Phones.

Mobile phones purchased beginning Saturday can no longer be legally unlocked by U.S. consumers to enable them to work on different networks. 

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Satellite Imagery of China’s first Long range Jet transport revealed

A week after the publication of blurry photographs depicting what appears to be China’s first long-range jet transport, Danger Room has obtained satellite imagery of the new plane at an airfield in central China.

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