Monthly Archives: June 2012

Infinite-capacity wireless vortex beams carry 2.5 terabits per second

American and Israeli researchers have used twisted, vortex beams to transmit data at 2.5 terabits per second. As far as we can discern, this is the fastest wireless network ever created — by some margin. This technique is likely to be used in the next few years to vastly increase the throughput of both wireless and fiber-optic networks.

Microsoft Surfaces with their own Tablet.

LOS ANGELES — Forget about operating systems. Forget about mice, keyboards and snoozy computer accessories. Microsoft is now a full-fledged, no-excuses mobile computing manufacturer. On Monday a team of excited executives showed off Microsoft Surface — a pair of Windows tablets accompanied by clever keyboard covers that aspire to true innovation in the mobile space.  (more…)

Did China steal F22 Plans?

Happy Friday, everyone. This is absolutely your pic of the week. You’re looking at the Heads Up Display on China’s J-20 stealth fighter. This is the first time we’ve seen the J-20’s holographic HUD up close. (The jet shown is the second J-20 test jet, number 2002. You can tell because 2002’s pitot tube sticks straight out of the front of the nose, while 2001’s sits further back on the radome.)  (more…)

U.S., Long Engaged in Cyberwar Against Iran, Has Now Declared It

Just a week ago, the Flame virus, suspected to be a weapon in a heretofore undeclared cyberwar, was discovered by computer security experts. Now, unnamed U.S. government officials have told a New York Times reporter that the Stuxnet worm, another sophisticated piece of malware that was discovered in 2010, was the brainchild of secretive U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies. Stuxnet, designed to deliver information about Iran’s uranium enrichment program and subsequently hamper it, was clearly a cyberwarfare tool. But previous discussions of its authorship were, at best, a series of educated guessesand unverified allegations.  (more…)