Monthly Archives: April 2012

Nintendo 3DS firmware update on the way.

Nintendo is preparing a new upgrade to its 3DS gaming system.

Now that the 3DS has a healthy selection of varied apps and games for users to download, Nintendo will be doling out a software update for the system that will in part give 3DS owners a more organized way to keep track of all the content they have on their system.

New Weather Additions to Weather Room


Just added some new items to the weatherroom.  A current watch MAP and several more radar loops.  I’ll be adding several new items to this area as we are moving into a very dangerous time of year and it’s best to be Weather Aware!!!!

Update 04-15-2012  Added Weather Radio links to the room so that folks can quickly find the links to share with others.  I’ll be adding more info as we go on here.  Also considering doing a bit of organization of the Weather Room making links and finding  things quick.

Update 04-16-2012 Added Radio Reference Links for Police, Fire and EMS Scanners and TornadoVideoNetworks Chaser Map as well.  Links that were suggested by other users.

Microsoft to End Vista Mainstream support Tuesday.


If you need to make a warranty claim or get incident support on a Windows Vista PC, now’s the time.  On Tuesday, Microsoft will end “Mainstream Support” for Windows Vista, moving into an “Extended Support” phase that lasts through April 11, 2017. Microsoft will no longer offer of no-charge incident support, warranty claims and design fixes for the 5-year-old operating system.  (more…)

Quantum Computer Built Inside a Diamond


Diamonds are forever – or, at least, the effects of this diamond on quantum computing may be.

A team that includes scientists from USC has built a quantum computer in a diamond, the first of its kind to include protection against “decoherence” – noise that prevents the computer from functioning properly.  (more…)