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Tech Billionaires Plan Mission to Mine Asteroids

There’s gold in them there hills. You know, those ones floating around in space. Asteroids contain many tons of precious metals, making them irresistible to scientists, aerospace engineers, futurists, fiction writers … and tech billionaires. 

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Future Apple rumors ULTRA THIN iPhone

We’re all familiar with Apple’s love affair for thin devices. Although the third-generation iPad surprised many by gaining about half a millimeter of thickness, it looks like Apple could be back to trimming product dimensions by using a new kind … Continue reading

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Parent sues Facebook

A mom is suing Facebook on behalf of all parents whose children have racked up credit card charges without their knowledge. 

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Nintendo 3DS firmware update on the way.

Nintendo is preparing a new upgrade to its 3DS gaming system. Now that the 3DS has a healthy selection of varied apps and games for users to download, Nintendo will be doling out a software update for the system that … Continue reading

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Iran says they are copying captured US Drone.

TEHRAN, Iran—Iran claimed Sunday that it had reverse-engineered an American spy drone captured by its armed forces last year and has begun building a copy. 

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Let the Apple iPhone Rumors Commence!!! Next iPhone to ditch Glass for Liquid Metal. [VIDEO]

After a brief hiatus, the long-standing rumor that Apple will employ more metal in the iPhone, has made a return — and even taken a new twist. 

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Pentagon orders “Smart” Contact Lenses [Video]

The US Department of Defense (DoD) is currently testing a pair of iOptik contact lenses to determine if the advanced optics are capable of providing greater situational awareness for soldiers in the field.

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New Weather Additions to Weather Room

Just added some new items to the weatherroom.  A current watch MAP and several more radar loops.  I’ll be adding several new items to this area as we are moving into a very dangerous time of year and it’s best … Continue reading

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Microsoft to End Vista Mainstream support Tuesday.

If you need to make a warranty claim or get incident support on a Windows Vista PC, now’s the time.  On Tuesday, Microsoft will end “Mainstream Support” for Windows Vista, moving into an “Extended Support” phase that lasts through April … Continue reading

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Quantum Computer Built Inside a Diamond

Diamonds are forever – or, at least, the effects of this diamond on quantum computing may be. A team that includes scientists from USC has built a quantum computer in a diamond, the first of its kind to include protection … Continue reading

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