Monthly Archives: March 2012

Pesticide Linked to Bee Collapse


A controversial type of pesticide linked to declining global bee populations appears to scramble bees’ sense of direction, making it hard for them to find home. Starved of foragers and the pollen they carry, colonies produce fewer queens, and eventually collapse.


Microsoft Leads Raids on Botnets and Hosting services. [VIDEO]

Microsoft employees, accompanied by United States marshals, raided two nondescript office buildings in Pennsylvania and Illinois on Friday, aiming to disrupt one of the most pernicious forms of online crime today — botnets, or groups of computers that help harvest bank account passwords and other personal information from millions of other computers.   (more…)

New from NASA: Put’s out a Car Fire in 9 seconds.


Suppose you had technology developed for NASA that could put out a fully engulfed car fire in 9 seconds? Think there might be a market for that? You’d be right. The U.S. military uses the system in Afghanistan, and the Navy uses it in the Middle East. Next up could be use of the system in small, remote Alaska villages with no trained firefighters. (more…)

Photoshop CS6 Beta Lifts the Veil with a Free Beta Release


The future of creative image editing is upon us: Adobe Systems today announced the free public availability of a Photoshop CS6 Beta.

The new version of the leading image-editing software for Windows and Macintosh updates the interface, adds some stunning new image-manipulation tools, brings video editing into the program, and ratchets up performance. (more…)

Skysapience announces HoverMast, tethered hovering platform


Sky Sapience, an expert in autonomous hovering machine technology, announces the release of the HoverMast, tethered hovering platform specially designed for small vehicles. The HoverMast will be displayed at the upcoming AUVSI conference and exhibition in Tel-Aviv.  (more…)