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Windows 8 Consumer Preview Released!!!

Just moments ago Windows 8 Consumer Preview was release.  The latest in Microsoft’s Operating systems that is expected to go LIVE with a full release over the next few months is out NOW for you to download and install so … Continue reading

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Throttled AT&T iPhone User win’s in Court and awarded claim.

When AT&T started slowing down the data service for his iPhone, Matt Spaccarelli, an unemployed truck driver and student, took the country’s largest telecommunications company to small claims court. And won. 

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Hackers can track your Cell phones location.

Using an inexpensive phone and open source software, the researchers were able to track the location of cell phone users without their knowledge on the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network, the predominant worldwide network.

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Spray on Cellular Antenna’s could make towers a thing of the past.

Speaking to Google’s Solve for X, Anthony Sutera, the top dog CEO of Charmtech Enterprises let us all in on a little secret: In the near future a tree, car or shoe could easily be a giant antenna.

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Twitter enables HTTPS by Default

Good news for those security conscious folks out there.  Twitter made the announcement that the HTTPS protocol would be set as DEFAULT for all account.  This is probably one of the best steps the company could make.  As, it is … Continue reading

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Apple Stocks, races past the $500 mark

Shares in tech giant Apple have crossed $500 a share for the first time.  It tops off what can only be said as a remarkable turnaround for the iPhone maker, whose shares were once worth $3.19 in 1997, when it … Continue reading

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AT&T surprises customers by Throttling their Unlimited usage.

Mike Trang likes to use his iPhone 4 as a GPS device, helping him get around in his job. Now and then, his younger cousins get ahold of it, and play some YouTube videos and games. But in the past … Continue reading

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Chinese authorities sieze Apple iPad’s from Store shelves

BEIJING — Authorities have seized Apple iPads from retailers in a city in northern China due to a dispute with a domestic company that says it owns the iPad name, an official said Monday. The Chinese company said it is … Continue reading

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Weather Update

Added a Link to the NWS Graphic Forecast, the area here is expecting some Winter Conditions.  We will be monitoring the weather in the chatroom as well as KOCO’s Livewire.

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AVAST AnitiVirus Software, streams updates beginning in Version 7

Hybrid cloud technology in the new avast! 7 will give all users streaming updates on new malware threats in addition to the regular virus database updates.

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Initial iWatch Shipments May Be Limited Due to Sapphire Issues, Half of Devices May Use Glass Displays

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