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One reason that I love being a business owner is that I can create justifications to get some really cool toys. Over the past 12 months, I’ve been fielding more and more questions about whether the websites that I have been working on were compatible with tablets.


2012 appears to be the year that the BIG Chipmaker pushes further into the Mobile Market.  With it’s latest “Atom” processor dubbed Medfield.  It’s lower power and all in one chip approach could bring the chip giant the leg up in this lucrative, market.

Intel released the prototype of a Smart Phone running Google’s Android OS on the Medfield.

The Chip and devices will be directly targeting the domination that ARM processors have held on the Mobile,  Smartphone and Tablet markets.  Recent news out of AMD also reported a shift toward capturing a piece of this market as well.

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Insectoid material could replace plastic

Insectoid material could replace plastic

Researchers from Biologically Inspired Engineering program at Harvard University, have developed a new material based on the shells of creatures such as shrimp.  It, one day could replace plastics as it’s exceptionally strong and biodegradable.

Modeled after insect cuticle, Shrilk is similar in strength and toughness to an aluminum alloy, but it is only half the weight. It is biodegradable and can be produced at a very low cost, since chitin is readily available as a shrimp waste product. It is also easily molded into complex shapes, such as tubes. By controlling the water content in the fabrication process, the researchers were even able to reproduce the wide variations in stiffness, from elasticity to rigidity.

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Morning Ramblings: New GPS Thoughts


Ok so I figured I’d start out this morning with a quick commentary on the NEW GPS I just got for Christmas.  Yeah I know it’s isn’t Christmas just yet.  But, since we are going on a pretty LONG trip.  The present was needed before we leave for our trip.