Asteroids and Comets

nasa asteroid

Ok so with all of the latest weather events and quakes in my region.  Many DOOM and GLOOM prophets are saying we are about to get smacked by an ASTEROID next.  Well NASA has it’s eye on this latest one.  Tracking it and showing it’s trajectory.  True it will be inside the MOONS Orbit but the Moon nor the Earth will be impacted by this passing event Asteroids and Comets – NASA.  Now that we have calmed chicken littles fears that the sky is indeed falling.  Let’s take a look at a list of what is actually up there and being tracked as NEAR Earth impactors.

NASA’s Near Earth Object Program has a large list of objects that each could impact the earth in a major way.  This is by no means the TOTAL list of all objects, as no national budget could chart every object that might go bump in the night with our planet.  I do however think it’s a very good list even if Hollywood would like you to think it’s not paying attention to the big one.

A big plus in NASA’s favor as well is the number of other countries looking to the skys as well as the long list of amateur astronomy folks around the world with eyes aloft as well.  Some have even tracked unknown and unlisted military birds.

So what’s my point?  Rest easy, this one’s gonna miss us.  If your a christian, “No Man knows the hour.”