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Analyst: Windows 8 Tablets Dead on Arrival?

Analyst: Windows 8 Tablets Dead on Arrival? | News & Opinion |

Well the analyst’s are starting come out with many comments that the Windows 8 tablets may not be LONG for the market if they even make it to market.  At this point already behind the game of Apples IPad and now Amazon’s Kindle.  Can Microsoft play catch up?


Kindle Fire Tear down


After all of the interest yesterday in the Kindle fire in Nan’s review.  I thought what’s in this thing.  So I dug around a bit on the net this morning to find a tear down on one of the units.  Now why would someone want to break apart a brand new Kindle.  Now you don’t have to.

And when and if the Critter breaks you know how to tear it down and repair it.