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Netflix Now The Largest Single Source of Internet Traffic In North America

With info like this, data caps now being enforced by some ISP’s could be the beginning of what could become a very contentious battle field.  By enforcing the CAP of others services, it could be seen in the very near future that they are holding their users HOSTAGE to their programming and content.  This is certainly something to watch for.

Source: TechCrunch

Apple Store 10th anniversary leak: Secret hardware for weekend install – SlashGear

Update 7:44am 05/19/2011
Webblog Tapscape release an article this morning about just what is up for the 10th anniversary.  In it, it details a make over and FACELIFT for the apple stores.  Calling it Apple store 2.0, with the use of larger video screens, and IPad providing Descriptions and Pricing.