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NASA Satellite Show’s Tornadoes from Space

Tornado Tracks in Tuscaloosa – NASA NASA seems to have gotten BETTER at capturing images of natural disasters from Space.  The latest images come from this last weeks Massive Tornado outbreaks in the south.  The Images show the Tornado Tracks … Continue reading

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Robot "Rollin Justin" now catches 2 Balls at a time.

Rollin’ Justin @ CeBit – Engadget DLR’s new hit Robot Rollin’ Justin is an IMPRESSIVE new robot. His latest Trick is “Catching Flying Balls and Preparing coffee. Hizook has covered Rolling Justin before, as he has began his evolution.  Since … Continue reading

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Number of Tornado’s this year increases, leaves Scientific Community Scratching heads.

Massive Tornado as it moves thru Tuscaloosa, Alabama With the latest Destructive tornado’s out of the “Dixie Alley” last night, and the number of deaths on the Rise still from it.  Many are asking why are there MORE this year?  … Continue reading

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No Longer a Rumor: Nintendo Confirms Wii Successor in 2012

Possible Screen shot of Project Cafe PC world is reporting this morning that Nintendo has formally “announced” their next video game console instead of pretending that they don’t care, (or that they don’t know what we are talking about) or … Continue reading

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Rail Gun Round Punches thru steel plate and travels 4 miles afterwards.

‘Blitzer’ railgun projectile General Atomics has been upping the ante on its ‘Blitzer’ Railgun, named after the most dangerous of Santa’s reindeer. GA’s got a new, super aerodynamic dart for it that can travel four miles downrange after being fired … Continue reading

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New High Tech Gear aiding Police in operations.

Police from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janerio have been given demonstrations of how the device works. With the 2014 World Cup just around the corner in Brazil, the country has issued sunglasses with cameras attached that can automatically identify … Continue reading

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iPhone and iPad can track a user’s location history

Security researchers discover tracking files in apple devices. Security Researchers have found hidden data files in the Apple Devices that contain details records of user whereabouts. Privacy advocates are SCREAMING FOUL!!! The discovery comes as many technology companies are coming … Continue reading

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DARPA’s latest coolest telescope is the BEST YET!!

DARPA (SST) So will DARPA’s new space telescope be reading alien news prints in a Galaxy far far away?  Ok well maybe not that good but, you can bet the DARPA-developed Space Surveillance Telescope (SST) is going to give us … Continue reading

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Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Hacked in Spear-Phishing Attack

The federal facility was hacked and data was siphoned from a server on Friday, federal workers were forced to disconnect internet access. Oak Ridge National Laboratory Only a “Few megabytes” of data were stolen before the lab discovered the breach … Continue reading

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Navy tests laser gun by zapping motorboat off California coast

For the first time in its history, the U.S. Navy fired a laser ray gun mounted on a warship, zapping — and setting fire to — an empty motorboat as it bobbed in the Pacific Ocean. Boat’s Motor set ablaze … Continue reading

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